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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Witches......

Today, I thought that you might like to see some of my earlier witchy friends. One year the Tucson Miniature Society had a show that landed on Halloween....Our Wednesday group members were also all members of TMS at the time. It was decided that the theme of that year's show would be "Things That Go Bump in the Night". Our group all decided that we would wear pointy hats and black clothes. We didn't tell the rest of TMS that we were doing it....Upon seeing us, they immediately started calling us the Wednesday Witches....That's how we got the name of our group. It was at least ten years after we started meeting.

As usual, I am sidetracked. Back to the witches in the photos. Also as a group, we decided that each of the Wednesday group would do some kind of shop or house with a witch theme.

I apologise for the quality of the photos. They are some that I took way back then and this morning when I decided to do this, I couldn't get the scanner to work. So.....I took pics with my Canon and got them into the computer that way.

The first one is Carol Bergstrom's witchy beauty shop. Both of the witches are mine.

Its hard to see, but the redhead has rollers in her hair and the witch has hairpins sticking out of her mouth.

This one is a witchy exercise salon....Note the sweats and legwarmers on this one. Again, I am sorry that it is hard to see. Alicia Duncan used fabric on the walls of the bottom floor and carried it up to the pillows on the couch on the second floor.

I did the witch, the couch and the draped table in this one.

The next scene is a kitchen in a ten gallon aquarium. I taught it to the rest of the witches and this was the prototype. I no longer have it. After we finished building them, we donated the box to the NAME National convention as a raffle item. I contributed the box and the witches the rest of the furnishings were supplied by other members of the group.

Here's a closer look at the witch on the right.

I was into more witchy looking witches back then.

I no longer feel that you have to have a beak for a nose and a pointy chin to be a witch.

Now all you need is sharp fingernails with a different mini house painted on each one.....I spent an afternoon painting houses on false fingernails one year for the show.

Unfortunately in moving, I lost most of them and never talked myself into doing it again...Maybe some day I will waste another afternoon with a tiny paintbrush....Maybe.

For now, I am too busy to mess with false nails. I think that I will stick to arguing with Tessie. It's much more fun.

See you tomorrow.


Marisa Stein said...

I like the one with the rollers in her hair and the one with the pins in her mouth looks a bit like Tessie

*I can sort of imagine her banging the clients head against the sink while she does a rinse..Tessie is so "playful"*

Lucille said...

You have such a fascinating miniature history. I never cease to be amazed at all your stories. Those nails were a real work of art.

Drora's minimundo said...

I love you witch stories as well as the witches you creat.

Merri said...

Oh wow, house painted fingernails, that's awesome, Casey! I too thought at first the redheaded witch might be Tessie, until I looked closer. Witchy ways are are a fave topic of mine so I love seeing that you all did witch themes. Of course, I never tire of Tessie, either, that's my kind of gal. Poor Zar, he's outnumbered, and by witches, to boot! LOL.

Sans! said...

I love those nails. I want those nails! Let me see f I can convince a manicurist to paint one for me :).

I love the retrospective , Casey. :)

Lady Jane said...

I am always blown away by your blog. I only hope to get as good as you are someday and the more I do the more my imagination will grow.