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Friday, January 21, 2011

Continuing Witches

You seemed to enjoy seeing some of the other witches I have done. So I decided to do one more day of "Old Witches"

This is Gertie. The poor woman has been hanging from the broom landing at the Witches Warehouse ever since it was built. Nobody seems to want to come to her rescue for fear of a retaliation spell.... She has reason to be irritated! Her broken broom is beneath her on the ground. She is Tessie's aunt.

You have all met Esmirelda before. I just never bothered with a close up. She is Tessie's sister and part owner of the warehouse. She solved the problem of keeping the hair out of her eyes by hiring a spider to weave hairnets around her, daily.

Unfortunately, the witches are not tidy. At one time we actually had some baby spiders (for real) living in the store. They spun the most perfect tiny webs. I had to release them to the wild after they grew a bit. The webs kind of disappeared after that.

Oops! Guess who just stormed into the computer room, demanding equal time. I knew that the quiet spell was not going to last. Yup. I have a few spells of my own.

She just bounced up onto the Webster's Universal College Dictionary. That's her favorite place for commanding my attention when I am writing. Eye level....

She had a jug of something questionable in her hand and she was glowering at me. I waited for the axe to fall.....She very quietly said, "I insist that you put me in this entry. After all, it's about witches and about my family." Then she hissed...."Or else....."

I didn't ask, "Or else what?" I am smarter than that. I grabbed the camera and snapped. She is now back to her normal(?) happy self, asking me sweetly to make her something new.... As for me, I am going to go make her something new to appease her now. I value my life......

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Looking forward to seeing what new thing you have in mind for Tessie. Casie, did you alter Tessie's face when you last repaired her? I don't know if it's just my imagination, but she seems to look different. Her face seems to look softer somehow. She looks sweet. Is that the same Tessie?

Caseymini said...

No, she's the same as she was. I think that it's the hair that makes her look different. The old hair was frizzed and fried. The new stuff is soft and smooth. She's definietly no sweeter than she was before......I was afraid to ask what was in the jug.

Blake said...

I love everything about your blog! And your witches!!

Drora's minimundo said...

Gertie does look like an old authentic witch unlike her niece, Tessie. Witches and spiders.. a good combination. Can I borrow Tessie's waist line?