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Friday, January 7, 2011

If You Want It,You Build It....

I have to stop sorting the workroom. I keep finding things that Tessie wants. This morning I was straightening the drawers that have furniture and furniture kits in them.

Tessie was perched on top, watching closely. When I came to the Chrysenbon kits, she spotted the sewing machine kit. I might have known that it would cause trouble.

A few months ago, Tessie got into Cordelia's house and found her sewing loft. She spent a couple of days hanging out and making things. I don't remember where Cordelia was at the time, but I know that she wasn't home to protect her things.

Tessie fell in love with the sewing loft. This morning when she saw the sewing machine kit she immediately got that old gleam in her eyes and started with the "I wants" once again. "You've been holding out on me again! I need a sewing machine. I can turn my old cottage into a place to sew and make hats....Millinery, that's the word I am looking for!"

This time I stood firm and told her that, if she wanted the sewing machine and the rest of the stuff that goes with it, she would have to do it herself. I was busy.

I am amazed! She actually read the directions and started building. She did ask a couple of questions here and there, but did quite well by herself. It took her several hours and a lot of nail polish remover to un-stick her fingers, but she got it done.

I advised her to paint the pieces before breaking them apart. The follow the directions carefully.

She is getting pretty good at this stuff.....OK....I did help her some.

And I did have to un-stick my fingers a few times too. I hate super glue that isn't a gel, but that is all I could find.

She wasn't too happy with me. I dropped the dress form and stepped on it....Just a little. I did bend the base and I may have to make a new one. I seem to remember an extra kit for a dress form stashed somewhere...Hmmmm.....More sorting...

I heard noises coming from the living room, where her cottage is right now. Clunk, crash and thud.

When I went in there, she had tossed all of her bedroom furniture out on the table where the house is located. What a mess!

In it's place, she has started making a sewing room. Table for cutting, check. Sewing machine, check. Chair for sewing, check. Trunk full of fabric, check. Sewing box, check. Crooked dress form, check.

Getting this far, she turned to me and said....Wait for it....."I don't like the color and I hate the curtains." And then.....She included me, "WE need to repaint it and make new curtains."

I looked at her and burst out laughing. "Tessie, I am not going to stop sorting in the workroom. If you want it painted, get Zar to help. Then if you still want new curtains, get to work! Remember the new sewing machine?"

"But Casey, I don't have an ironing board or iron and everyone knows that you have to press the seams as you go. I need an ironing board! I need it now!"

Anybody want to know how to build an ironing board? Stay tuned. I may be building one tomorrow.....She won't need it until she coerces Zar into painting the walls.

See you then.


Kathi said...

Did Tessie forget that she will need a place to sleep? Love the kits she whipped up! I also see the little sewing box that YOU made on the table. An ironing board and Tessie will be all set to sew!

Daisy said...

That is too funny! I just came out of my workroom where I was TAKING APART a Chrysbon sewing machine kit for a little project. I wonder what Tessie would think of that? :)


Sans! said...

The Chrynsborn sewing machine kit is amazing! Really looks like my mum's old Singer (back in the 70's) .

Margriet said...

Weel done by Tessie!!! And I'm sure the ironing board will be there soon...You can never say no to her ;-)