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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Demand Just One Drawer.....

Somebody said that the empty drawer from the wood would be filled soon enough....It is. With more wood....

Zar finally got a drawer of his own. The extra stuff from the Clockwork Cottage has been languishing behind the door in the workroom since I last worked on it. The bag is tattered and torn.

I saw him lure Tessie into said drawer whilst I was doing more cleaning. They had their heads together, arguing in low voices for quite a while. That made me suspicious. They didn't seem to want me to hear what was going on.

After a bit, the two of them came to me and asked for help with putting all of the contents of his bag into the drawer. We still had to use the bag, but just for the shingles.

He even managed to get his extra furniture stashed there. Now all that isn't in the house, is in the drawer.

After I finished there, I went back to work. Naturally Tessie and Zar settled into his living room chairs for a break. Hey! When do I get a break? I am still sorting.

A little while later, I found out why Tessie was so cooperative about giving Zar drawer space.

I caught them on my worktable. I heard Zar saying, "OK. I got the drawer and you signed papers giving it to me for as long as the cottage isn't finished. Now you can have your chicken back in one piece...."

Tessie dearly loves that silly rubber chicken and I believe that she would have given him more than one of my drawers to get it back.

Never mind that the drawer wasn't hers to give. Oh well. At least now I can open the door all the way.

All's well that ends well. I am going back in to see if I can empty some more space. This time I will fill it before Tessie gets a chance at it.

See you tomorrow.


Claudia said...

I love reading about the adventures of Zar and Tessie!


Christine said...

That Tessie is such a ....WITCH!

Caseymini said...

Christine, this time I think that Zar finally won one!LOL