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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Different Minis.....

This morning, Tessie found one of the pair of scissors that April gave me at Christmas. It is going to be tough getting them away from her. They have shiny gold trim and we all know how much she likes shiny gold anything.

She found them because I was doing one of my Wednesday things, a quick project before the witches mini meeting. Actually I was using the scissors as an excuse for doing minis that weren't really minis.

I was planning to take some needlework to minis and I decided that a new work box would be a treat. I rummaged around the workroom.....Don't ask how it looks now. I found a small case from one of the Christmas makeup kits. It was just the right size for carrying several small projects, so I grabbed it and went to work.

I used book board(heavy pressed board that they use for book covers and for three ring binders).

Did I ever tell you that I bought about 10 binders at a thrift shop a couple of years ago just to use for this purpose. As I remember they were 10 cents a piece. I tore them apart and pealed off the plastic outer layer and I had an instant supply of book board. The stuff is expensive when you purchase it from bookbinder suppliers.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I cut strips of the board to fit inside as dividers for floss cards, thimbles and thread rolls. I covered the pieces with some black patterned fabric from my stash.

Using the floss cards as a guide, I made a couple of channels for them. Then running across the back, I did a couple more compartments for the thread and thimbles.

That left a nice space in the front part for canvas and other supplies.

I glued four small pieces of the hook part of hook and loop tape on the inside edges of the lid. When they were dry, I cut two pieces of the loop side of the tape the width of the lid. This is a place to keep patterns and larger pieces of canvas.

I filled the two channels with all of Tessie's favorite colors....Of course puce was the first color that she picked out and refused to put it down. She just pointed to the other colors that she wanted and I had to pull them out and put them in the box.

Why did I do this project? Just because it's fun to have a new way to carry things to Wednesday Witches. What will I work on while I am there?

OK. Confession time. See the mini remote control that Tessie is holding? It's the remote for the TV when it is in Netflix mode. It has been driving me mad since Christmas. I put it down somewhere and then spend hours looking for it. The thing is less than a quarter inch thick and you can see the other dimensions. Very easy to lose....So I am solving the problem just like I do for the TV remotes. I make very bright cozies for them. They are much easier to spot this way.

Now....If I can just remember not to lay a magazine on top of it. I probably should just ask Tessie where it is. She keeps stealing it to watch shows that she likes when I am not in the room. She discovered old episodes of Bewitched not long ago.....I catch her trying to twitch her nose every once in a while. I keep telling her that it's only pretend and witches can't really do that.......She keeps trying....

I don't have to worry about it for a few days though. Yesterday, I was sitting there, working on the baskets when I heard a snap and crackle sound.....Then there was a loud pop and the picture went black on the TV. I don't think that it was Tessie that caused it, but I can't say for sure.

We are going to have to have someone come out and fix it when Walter gets back. Thank goodness for warranties!

Anyway, I am going back to work on the cozy now. I am thinking that this one, being so small, is going to have to have a large tassel attached.

See you tomorrow.


Claudia said...

Pretty nifty! And a cozy for the remote is such a good idea!


Debbie said...

Have fun with the Miniature Witches..x