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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 Roof Garden and Sewing Room

Tessie and I put our heads together this morning. I told her that there was no place to put her hutch from the cottage in the townhouse. She informed me that there was plenty of room. She has decided to make the shed on the roof into an outdoor spell room. Actually, I have to admit that it fits just right and looks like it belongs there. Since there isn't much danger of weather damage, it is going to stay and the roof garden is officially done.

I thought you might want a closer look so I left the photos pretty large. All you have to do is poke them.
Here, you can see a closer view. I put one of the wireless sconces in here. I had two....One for the closet and now I know where the extra one was meant to be used. Now Tessie can work after dark if she wants to do so.

These lights are going to be on my favorites list from now on. The one that you see here is simply turned on and perched on top of the hutch. I can just reach in and switch it on and off anytime.

Since everything is out of the cottage, I guess that I should finish it off now, while I can. Walter is away for two days, so the mice will play while he is gone.

This morning I am weaving a couple of baskets in which Tessie will store fabric.There are directions for these under the "baskets" heading if you want to make some.

They are the type that I make with Woodsies for bases and poster board for slats. This time I am using up some waxed linen thread for weavers. I don't like it because it doesn't take the dye as well as unwaxed, but I always go with the motto...."Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do or do without."

The baskets will be sitting on the floor, under the table, with fabric folded in them, so they probably won't be a big focal point. Maybe I will come back later and add a photo of them finished.

I'm back.... I finished the baskets and stained them with Golden Pecan Minwax by dunking them in the can of stain. The are both the same color, even though the one on the left looks a bit darker. I think it's just in the shadow of the table a bit more.

I folded and glued pieces of fabric that started out about 3 X 6 inches.

Now Tessie can sew her little fingers off.

See you tomorrow.


Minnie Kitchen said...

I know!! it's 11111! Can't wait til november 11th! by the way your work is fabulous!

Margriet said...

The hutch looks really great there!
Love the wireless much easier than with wires!!

Kathi said...

Everything looks great Casey! Wanna come over and help me with my chairs? I could use and extra hand to hold. :D

Sans! said...

Love it when pictures can be enlarged . Your details are amazing to see, Casey. Those Beatles cushions are strangely perfect for the setting.

Alison said...

Love the roof garden, Casey! Thanks so much for your posts on basket weaving..I've learned a great deal and am ready to give it a go! Hugs from Hawaii :)