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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Twas a Week before Christmas.....

It's official. Tessie is trying for the longest Christmas/New Year party on record.

Walter had the Christmas tree in place when I got home from shopping this morning. Between the two of us, we got it decorated in about a quarter of the time that it usually takes me to do it alone.

He went out to do some shopping and I started putting in the finishing touches. I still have two vignettes to fill, but I got a pretty good start.

I learned a lesson...Never turn your back on Tessie after keeping her locked in the workroom overnight...She retaliates....Big time.

As soon as I installed the cappuccino corner, brooms seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

At least the witches parked them where they were supposed to. So far there is no need for any toad spells.

I looked around to see where they went. The party has started.
Tessie's two older sisters brought the gypsy the tells fortunes in the Witch's Warehouse. The three of them have claimed a clearing in the branches and have settled in for the long haul. Eggnog or something stronger is being passed around...At least I think it is eggnog....

Tessie and Zar have made themselves comfortable in front of the fireplace. I keep telling them that Santa won't be able to get down that fireplace without a flu.
They insist that he will make it. Oh well...Let them sit and wait. It will keep them out of trouble for a while anyway....

There will be more to come as the other guests arrive.

Meanwhile, here's the whole tree. The only ones that you can actually see so far are Tessie and Zar.

I am sure that by tonight, there will be more friends arriving. The gargoyle isn't even here yet. He needs to be here to restore order if things get out of hand.

I have to go now and see what other things are needed for the party. This is only the second "Tessie's Tree Party", but I think that it is going to be a lot bigger and louder than last year. I will be sleeping with a pillow over my head and ear plugs to boot for the duration.

See you tomorrow.


My Realitty said...

Ha ha! The tree is wonderful and is that a sock monkey???? CM

Margriet said...

I hope Tessie and her friends and family have the most wonderful, loudest and longest Christmasparty ever!!! Your tree is beautiful and I love the monkeys!!! They are sweet :-)

Jean Day said...

How I would love to sit in a tree and party! Your sock monkeys look so real I was sure I was looking at a full sized scene. Tessie much be so excited about them. Happy Holiday *Jean

Nicole said...

Love your Christmas tree!!! And what a great tree party for all the little ones ;-)
I also like the fireplace scene and especially the wonderful tiny stockings :-)

Susan said...

Happy Christmas to the six year old and to Tessie and Zar and all the characters at your house including the furred/feathered variety. Wish I was there imbibing quantities of merry making drinks in the tree!

Thankyou for being such an inspiration all through the year, I enjoy and appreciate your blog and your sharing.

Margaret said...

Your Christmas decorating will be so entertaining with all those witches and other characters around. I must check out your sock monkey tutorial, sounds intriguing.

miniacollection said...

Your Christmas tree is really beautiful.

Debbie said...

The Tree looks fabulous Casey and lets hope Tessie's Tree Party keeps her busy and out of your hair.Love the Sock Monkey'

Anonymous said...

Your tree is so beautiful and what wonderful scenes you have created. I love the sock monkeys as well and once I get back to my minis again I am going to try some. Have a very Merry Christmas.