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Friday, December 3, 2010

Make It Bigger!!!!

When I got up this morning, I heard a fuss coming from the townhouse....Tessie found the retracting tape measure that I keep in my purse and was using it, unsuccessfully.... She had moved the shelf unit to the side wall of the closet and was trying to figure out how much space she would need for hanging the clothes at the back. Fun to watch. She would place one end in the corner and then try to stretch it to the opposite edge. It kept snapping back into the case....Because she kept stepping on the button.

I tip toed away and made breakfast.

An hour later, when I checked to see what was happening, Tessie had enlisted Zar to hold the other end of the tape. They still weren't making a lot of progress. Zar had to keep running around to the hallway to see if there was still enough room for people to access the staircase to the third floor.

They finally decided that six feet square was going to have to do.

I asked why Tessie had moved the shelves.

She answered, "I want everybody to be able to see my apron collection clearly. When they were going to be on the side, they would be all squashed together and icky. This way I can also put all of my pretty shoes beneath the hanging rack, on the floor."

Wait a minute....Let that sink in....The part about the pretty shoes. We all know that Tessie never wears shoes. No. She doesn't wear them. She just collects them like other people collect stamps or coins. When she sees a pair of Manolo Blahniks that tickle her fancy....guess who gets to copy them in mini?

She does like owning shoes...... Just not wearing them.

The last item on her list of things to do is lighting. We got these from yesterday afternoon.

She is leaning towards the wall sconce. So am I.

Zar is holding the new kitchen light.

Both of these are the new led, battery operated lights. It's hard to see in the photo, but the one for the kitchen is copper.

Tessie announced, "Hmmm...Magic lanterns! No wires! I like this. I can stick them anywhere I want."

The batteries are the little flat ones that are used for watches or something. About the size of a dime. The lights themselves are supposed to last about 8,000 hours! Very cool.

Well....I guess it's time to go see about more shoes and some shoe racks. Tessie has gotten as far as she can with the closet without my help.

See you tomorrow.


Margriet said...

I totally understand why tessie wants to show off her aprons...they are wonderful!! And shoes...every woman loves shoes...even if they don't wear them LOL
Those lights are great!!!

Sans! said...

I think I have just found the absolute perfect lamps. Casey, thanks a load! It is going to be very very exciting now to use lights. This is a huge step forward for dollhouse lighting! Or have i just been ignorant about this. lol

Again, thanks, Casey!

Kathi said...

I'm with Sans on the lights! What a great find! I hope they don't sell out before I get there!!!!
Thanks for sharing where you got these. Can't wait to see all of Tessie's aprons together. Great idea moving the shelves Tessie. :D

Janice said...

Love the idea of lights without those awful wires, am off to look right now. Thank you for the link.

Norma said...

You carry a retractable tape measure in your purse?? Casey, you are toooo funny :)

Thanks for the info on those new lights that have - I saw them and wondered how the light was, some mini LED lights make a cold blue light, these look great.

bertagr said...

Estoy segura que coja la que coja quedará bien. Tiene muy buen gusto. Besos. Berta.

Christine said...

I agree that Tessies aprons ..and shoes should be displayed to advantage!

What wonderful lights.

Ana Anselmo said...

those lights are just amazing, no wires, a dream !!! thanks for showing them.

Jeanne said...

Casey, I love your blog more than an other miniaturist's! Tell Tessie that I don't like shoes wear.

The new battery powered lights are awesome! It's about time we had something easier than putting in tapewire!