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Thursday, December 2, 2010

In the Closet.....

The six year old mind strikes again...... This morning neither Tessie or I felt in the mood for more Christmas. We both wanted to do something different.

Tessie, aiding and abetting the six year old, slyly suggested working on the townhouse that we had both been ignoring for a while now.

How could I refuse? Tessie didn't screech or whine. She simply asked if we could work on her closet. I agreed at once.

Simple, quick project. Just what I needed.

Remember those nine compartment, dollar shadow boxes that I bought at Dollar Tree some time ago? I ran one through the saw and cut off three of the boxes.

The side that I cut off will go against the wall, so will never be seen.

Next I glued it to a removable wall. I still have to do the hallway and stairs behind the closet. When that is finished, I will be able to just slide the whole thing into place.

I cut and glued some half inch scale crown molding to the top and bottom edges on two sides.

Then I used chair rail molding to fancy up the front of the dividers and shelves.

Tessie insisted on painting the whole thing, wall and all, light ivory with Ceramcoat.

The six year old couldn't wait to see what it looked like. I slid it into place. Hey! It fits! The side wall isn't glued in yet either. Thus the crack.

Once I chase all of the animals out, I will pull it back out and put a second coat of paint on the shelves. Tessie lost interest after the first coat.

There will be some kind of hanging rack where Zar is standing when I am finished.

I imagine that before I am done Tessie will want more room for her clothes. You see, she seldom changes her clothes unless she gets new ones, but she has to have some place to store the ones that she doesn't wear. You know the philosophy. She says, "As soon as I get rid of any of them, I might decide that I want to wear them again......" She feels about clothes, the way that I feel about miniature supplies. Only mine reads "Never throw anything useful away." Why do you think that I have to do so much cleaning in the workroom?

Speaking of the workroom. It is already starting to pile up again. I should go pick things up in there.

See you tomorrow.


Marisa Stein said...

you have to tell Tessie that I love her closet and I hope she gets new clothes soon *and shoes too*

Minnie Kitchen said...

hehe love your posts!

Claudia said...

Tessie must be excited about her new closet!


Margaret said...

I see you have a couple more supervisors watching what is going on, they don't seem to be having much input though, I guess that is a blessing.