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Monday, December 13, 2010

I Can Do What I Want.....

That is both Tessie and me talking... Walter is going to Utah until Thursday, so.....we are "doing what we want" for the next 3 days. On the fourth day we will clean up after ourselves.....

Actually, I plan to spend a lot of the time in the workroom, mucking out the place. It never seems to get totally done and what is left just seeds the piles that build up in there.

As I go, I get sidetracked, but that's OK. If I wind up with a mess, I can clean it up on Thursday. At least that's the plan.

I straightened and Tessie made ornaments for the mod tree this morning. she found a string beads and findings that I bought at Walmart a while ago.

I think that the cracked glass beads make great balls for the silver tree. She and Zar finished the puce garlands and it looks pretty good.

Tessie used the head pin method for making the ornaments. One big bead and one seed bead for the neck, then bend the wire sideways.

Those are the only ornaments that she used on the tree. The topper is three bead caps, one large bead and two silver seed beads all strung together on a Quik Grab covered headpin. I found that the top of the tree was pretty flat, so we could just glue the whole thing to the top.

She dragged it into the mod room and sat it up in the corner. I had to poke at her a bit to get her to move, so that I could get a photo of the tree by itself.

If you want to see the tree a little better, poke the photos.

I am dragging Tessie back to the workroom by the scruff of her neck. Misery loves company. If I am going to work in there, so is she. After all, it's her mess too.

See you tomorrow.


MiniKat said...

Enjoy your break. Mother Nature robbed me of mine. FH's business trip was canceled.

Have fun!

Kathi said...

Love the puce and silver tree. So pretty!

Lataina said...

The tree looks very pretty!!! =)