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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cat Christmas Tree...Temporarily

I decided to wait until Walter gets back to decorate the real Christmas tree, so temporarily, I am using the cat tree for gift storage. The cats don't really climb on it much. All they use is the rope clad scratching posts. Hey! A tree is a tree!

Tessie found it filled with presents this morning and went looking for hers....This is kind of a "Where's Tessie?" photo. She rummaged around and didn't find any with her name....You could say that she was a bit miffed. That's putting it mildly....She was a lot miffed....Big,big, MIFFed!

She only cooled down when I agreed to work on the vignette boxes for her tree party. I managed to finish three.

There is the cappuccino station....For sobering up.

This is one of the boxes from last year, so all I had to do was gather things and tack them down.
I still need to find some cups for the cappuccino. Otherwise that one is finished.
Next is the fireplace, where everyone hangs their stockings. Tessie still hasn't figured out that there is no chimney. Thank goodness. She would be harassing me to build one if she discovered that the fireplace led to nowhere.
This is the vignette that I made from a Christmas bag.
The third one is the one that I built from foam core this year. I am setting up the drinks in this one. I still need a few more bottles and glasses here. Oh! And an ice bucket!
After I finished those three, we moved on to the tearoom.

Zar joined in....I think that he smelled cupcakes and cookies. It wasn't a noble gesture out of the kindness of his heart. He wanted sweets.

Once we finished there, I tiptoed away. They will be in the tea shop for hours, discussing party plans and gift lists for Santa to fill.

As for me, I feel like it's time for a long winter's nap.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

I found Tessie. :D Love your tea shop. It's nice to see it again.
How did you hang your garlands? Did you that wax stuff? I'm not happy with the way it works...
Hope you have a nice nap!

Lauren said...

I was wondering how you made your bottles. I seen other tutorials but they didn't work very well for me. Could you put up a tutorial of how you make it? Thanks, i'd appreciate it.

Katie said...

Hi Casey! I love the little sock monkeys in your newest post:) So cute! I can see it now... Tessie and an army of sock monkeys, lol! Too funny!

And your soooo brave to use the cat tree as a gift holder... I can't even put out gifts until the last minute or else otis tears the paper off, too much fun for him to just leave it alone...... Maybe now that your using it, the kitties might find it interesting again:)

Really just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a Very Happy Holidays! Hugs for everyone:)