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Monday, December 27, 2010

Gifties and Other Excitement.....

First of all, Tessie and Zar want to say thank you to Kat of "Little Thoughts From an Average Mind" blog. She sent them a Christmas package. I apologise for not saying thank you sooner. It came Friday, but everything has been hectic for the past couple of days.

Kat, Zar loves the bronze medal. He says it is something similar to the Nobel Prize, but for Steampunk inventors.

And of course, Tessie immediately grabbed the puce teddy bear and won't let go of it. She also likes the puce teapot.

Anyway, thank you so much Kat! All of the other pieces will be put to good use too.

Now on to today's excitement. I never go out on the day after Christmas. I hate the traffic and crowds. The day after that is soon enough for what I want.

Every year I hit Walmart for their after Christmas half price sale. I go in and look before, but I never buy until at least the half price sale. If I were more patient, and confident that the pieces that I want wouldn't be gone, I would wait a week more until the prices go down to 75%.

They always have these huge trays of make up. They used to run $10.00. Unfortunately, they have gone up a bit, like everything else. This year the one that I wanted was $15.00.

At $7.50, it's still not a bad price for all of the craft supplies that you get. Poke the photos and you will see what I mean.

The first photo is everything that I got in the box. There are several make up pencils, and a couple of lipsticks that I probably will give to somebody else of just plain throw out.

The nail polish, I will use. Not for minis. I like odd colors.

Now for the loot, left to right....There are two small mirrors that I can pry out of the plastic case and frame. One rectangular and one oval.

In front of those are brushes. There are two long handled flat brushes(Plain old paint brushes), two very short, pointed brushes(good for getting into tight spots and corners), four of the small sponge brushes(good for stains) and two soft bristle, wide brushes (good for sweeping floors in the mini rooms). Are you keeping track? That's 10 brushes!

Next to that it a new pencil sharpener with cup to catch the shavings.

There are four generous tubs of pearlized powder that will work well with poly clay.(Gold, Pearl, Pink and Puce.....) We know who will get the last one.

There is also a full back sheet of silver covered cardboard that can be used for a lot of different things.

Back by Zar, there are 22 plastic disposable paint pots, cut from the tray that this all came in.

Now for the most important part. See the 18 little black and clear boxes by Tessie? Each one of those have several metal pans filled with eye shadow and cake rouge. The boxes themselves are useful for keeping small parts.

There are several different shapes of the tins and in all, there are 68. Depending on shape, these can be used for cookie sheets, pizza pans, cake pans, etc. in miniature.

I also use them for the base of the resin cabochons in beadwork. The piece beside Tessie in this photo is one that I am working on now. The large round center piece is one of the cabochons.

It is simply a piece of a page in a glossy magazine that was lightly glued inside and then covered with two part clear resin.

I now have a lifetime supply of the tin pans. And that's if I live to be 100!

The only part I am not crazy about is digging out the make up.....I am going now to cover my hands in rainbow colors. It's a good thing that the stuff can be washed off!

If you are interested in these, run, don't walk to your nearest Walmart. Ours seem to have a lot left. I may still get one for $3.75. Who knows?

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

It's amazing everything you got for $7.50. Thanks for all the tips. I love the resin cabochon you're working on. It's very striking.

Cheryl said...

I may just head out to the store now. Thanks for the heads up. The little cases are expensive here so this would be a great bragain.

MiniKat said...

Glad everyone likes their loot! I figured life had gotten hectic starting around noon last Thursday. ;-)

Heather said...

What lovely gifts you received. I must check out the drugstores before everything is gone!

Tessie and Zar are much like my boys. They seem to get their hands all over my gifts too!

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

I am sooo glad that someone else also sees beyond the makeup to the miniature uses beyond LOL and yep, I don't risk waiting for the 75% off either... just in case they all sell out.. we have Asda here in the UK. You did marvelousely :0)
Julia xxx