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Friday, November 26, 2010

Where Did You Go???

I am not sure how she managed to get out of the house and into the garage, but when we arrived home Tessie was sitting on the door knob, angrily shaking her finger at us. Need I say, she was not happy?

OK, which one of you woke her up and told her we left???

She ranted and raved for a couple of hours, "How could you leave me behind? They had turkey. You ate turkey!!! I didn't get any turkey. You didn't even bring me a cranberry in a take out box!"....On and on....

I put in earplugs and went to bed.

As soon as I got up this morning, it started again. Walter and I left. We went shopping for an i pad for me and an i pod for him. That's what we are getting for Christmas....A little early.

We got the i pad. Walter brought me home and then went looking again for an i pad. He's smart. He left and didn't have to hear anymore of the uproar.

As soon as he did, Tessie started again. I couldn't stand it, so I asked what I could do to make it up to her...

First she insisted that I take her cottage from the top of the bookshelf and put it down in the living room so that she would be close to the tree on Christmas day.

Next, she wanted the basket shop moved down next to it. She explained, "It has a lot of room in it and I can store my gifts in there. Also, I can use the baskets to carry MY gifts from the tree to my cottage and the shop."

Then she wanted both cottages decorated for Christmas. I didn't think that was unreasonable. I didn't tell her that I was going to do that anyway. Let her think that I am making amends.

The basket cottage already has a wreath on the door. Don't tell. I didn't take it down last year....Oops.
Anyway, then I had to move the miniature shop, the porch, and the quilt shop to the top of the bookcase. That was a job and a half. The quilt shop is quite heavy, but I got it done.

I told Tessie that was all I was going to do today.

She glared at me and hissed, "Your workroom needs finishing so that you can find all of the decorations for my house....You can't quit yet!".

I didn't think that it was a good idea to cross a witch holding a broom. I think that particular broom is a combination sweeper and spell binder. I have seen her use it for a wand a few times and I don't think I want her using it on me.

I am now back in the workroom cleaning furiously. Soon I will start decorating for Christmas for real.

"No, Tessie! Put down that broomstick! I'm still cleaning honest! See? I found the floor!"

See you tomorrow.


Janice said...

Snap! I am getting an early Ipad for Christmas too! I hope it will be a good travelling companion.

Kathi said...

You some really nice houses and shops. Thanks for sharing your photos. The Russian cottage is coming along great too. I'm at a stand still here. Not sure what to do next? Do you ever feel like that when you've just finished a big project?

Caseymini said...

Jamice....Now all I have to do is learn how to use the i pad....

Kathi, your latest project was the smallest large project that I have ever seen!LOL How about either back to the big time now? I seem to remember some houses patiently awaiting your magic touch!

Rosamargarita said...

Pobrecita Tessie! no comió pavo, tiene razón de estar enfadada.

Sans! said...

Love all your houses, Casey. Those stand alone shops with just 1 room is much prettier than a room box.

I think you clean your workroom more than anyone I know in blogland. :)

Margriet said...

I can honestly say, your blog is my favorite blog ever!!! I so enjoy reading about Tessie and I love that you explain so many techniques you use!
But I always forget to leave a comment! Shame on me!!! I will try to comment more often!
But al least know that I read everything and enjoy it very very much :-)
Have fun with your i-pad!!!