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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get Away From That i pad!!!

No, that wasn't Tessie yelling at me, but me yelling at her! I am going to have to put a parental lock on this little guy. Tessie figured out quickly that it was easier for her to play on than the computer. The screen keyboard uses a very light touch. In fact, if I try to use it for writing anything, I think that I am going to have to use an external keyboard. The one in the i pad is way to easy to make mistakes on unless I use a one fingered typing approach. The slightest touch and you have a letter, whether you want it or not.

Walter went out this morning and bought one of my favorite assistants for new electronics. There is a series of books called "Teach yourself Visually". I find it easier to read a book as I go along than to flip back and forth between pages on the screen.

As soon as he brought it into the house, Tessie confiscated it and started reading. Somehow, I think that she thinks that the i pad is hers. Isn't everything that comes into the house hers?

At least, since it is still in the box, she can't get at the i pad itself. Maybe that's the solution. Never take it out of the box.....
After I took that away from her, she dragged Zar to the basket shop and started making plans for decorations. After much discussion and trying the largest tree in there she decided that it would be wiser not to have a tree. More room for gift storage without the tree. Sensible.....

She saw the resident mouse on the floor and tried a few times to change it into a reindeer with a wave of her wand. No success there. She forgot that she had zapped that particular mouse several times before and he is wand resistant now. You can only change a mouse into something smaller....He started out as a moose.... You can subtract matter, but you can't add.

She did manage to change one of the baskets into a gift package....Who knows what she will find inside? That's anybody's guess.

After she rearranged the bedroom and was satisfied that it would hold more packages, we went downstairs....No. Wait. There are no stairs in the cottage....I guess technically we could only be zapping from one floor to the other.

Anyway, that was where the most decorating was accomplished.

She called Zar and told him to come over, not without presents.

What she doesn't know is, the gifts that he hauled in are the dummy packages from last year. He will be safe as long as nobody tells her, or as long as she doesn't decide to peek inside.

I will be holding my breath. I hope that Zar is smart enough to keep her away from the fakes or to replace them with real gifts...I wouldn't want to be him when she figures out the hoax.

At least we have a good start on decorating. The two cottages are clean and by tomorrow they will be in a field of snow. It won't be the real thing, but hey, what do you want? This is Arizona!

Back to wrestling with Tessie for ownership of the i pad.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Santa was very generous to you, Casey. And, he came early! Lucky girl!

Kathi said...

Love the gator in his own little bed. Too cute! :D
Have fun with your new toy! I hear they can do just about anything.

Carol said...

I love the ipad! If you're a Martha Stewart fan, she has a new magazine that may be downloaded from the app store. The content is different than her printed magazine. It includes videos and audio interviews. Have fun!