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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Playing With Clay....

I didn't feel like working on the Russian cottage this morning, so Tessie suggested we play with clay instead.

The only reason that I didn't have to start from scratch and clean out the box of canes is......neither Tessie or I have been in the mood to mess with poly lately.

She immediately started picking out canes that she liked...A lot of black, white and orange seemed to be the theme.

I went for the extruder and some of the scraps that need to be used up.

I am fairly pleased with what I came up with. This is the sliding top of a small tin. I wanted it to look organic and like something that I just dug out of the ground.

I haven't baked it yet, so there is still time to add and subtract from it.

I simply took a lot of scraps and mixed them together loosely and threw them into the clay extruder with a "spaghetti" type of point on it. The extruder blends the colors together as they come out. The only actual canes I used were the checkerboard and a feather one. The feathers are in the upper right corner and one in the middle.

While I was doing that, I watched as Tessie stomped on a piece of a Tampex tube.

Then she proceeded to thinly slice a mirror bead and covered the tube with that.....I sometimes think that her brain doesn't work like anybody else's.

She rolled out some very thin black, and cut a flap and strap. Hers is finished, all but a clasp. We need to add that before we bake so that it will be embedded.

Not too bad for a tampon tube and some scraps of clay.

She is in the findings box, looking for the clasp now. I imagine she is throwing things willy-nilly and I will be sorting findings tomorrow....

See you then with the finished projects.


Norma said...

Looks like a fun day at your house :)

Kathi said...

Most times I think that YOUR brain doesn't work like anyone else's Casey. These things are amazing. You are such an artist!

Papillon Bleu said...

I like the result! Well done Tessie!