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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


No. Zar is not playing "This little piggy". Nor is he proposing to Tessie....

This morning Tessie tripped over a loose floorboard and broke her leg again. I was going to take her to the emergency room, but Zar saw what was happening and announced, "Please! I am a physician when I am not inventing time machines and such. I can fix this!....Hmmmmmm...Now where did I put my bag?"

After a quick search, I volunteered to whip him up a new one...Time was wasting.

I grabbed a piece of thin black leather, a small oblong of foam core board, some glue and scissors and went to work.

The foam core was 1/2" by 1 1/4". I cut a piece of leather at 1 1/2" tall and a length that would fit around the foam core, with just a bit of an overlap.

I beveled the foam core. Then I ran a line of glue around the outer edge and stuck on the leather a quarter inch from the bottom, starting in the center of one of the long sides.

Next I mitered the bottom corners to eliminate bulk and glued the flaps to the bottom of the foam core.

I overlapped the seam and glued it. Then I cut an extra piece of leather to cover the bottom and glued it in place.

At each end of the top, I folded in a triangular area to form a pleat. I put glue on the inside of the bag to hold it in place.

Then I folded over and glued one long edge of a piece of leather, then trimmed it to about 1/16" for the handles.
I edged the top of the bag with more leather, but it isn't totally necessary. Then I cut a flap to close the bag and glued it with the flat end on the back where the seam is and flipped it through the handles and glued the pointed end to the front.

I put a piece of gold paper on the tip to indicate a fastener. That's it. Almost instant doctor's bag.

You can line these bags and leave them open at the top if you wish to put something inside.

Anyway, disaster was averted. Zar got a new bag and Tessie's leg is like new. She has been bouncing all over the place. If she keeps it up, Zar is going to have to re-set it!

She keeps singing, "I'm alright....Don't nobody worry 'bout me!". I don't think that is the result of the new leg......She watched "Caddyshack" last night.....Twice....Now she has me singing right along with Kenny Loggins.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial, Casey. I'm always amazed at how fast you whip them up!

Irene said...

I'm with Lucille on this one. Fantastic! I've been reading your tutorials and am suitably inspired. Thank you!

rosanna said...

Another great tut. Minihugs to Tessie and compliments to Zar. Rosanna

Nicole said...

Glad to hear that Tessie is ok again... Great bag, thank you for that tutorial, Casey :-)

Tabitha Corsica said...

The Ongoing Adventures of Tessie and Zar... Love it! And the bag is nice too ;-)

Susanne said...

Thanks for a nice story and a nice tutorial!
Love, Susanne

Lady Jane said...

Great tut!!! You have a wonderful gift of imagination...You should find a publisher and share that remarkable gift! But you must keep Tessi and Zar just for us... Mini Blessings, L J

Norma said...

When I saw the pic I thought there was another royal wedding in the offing ;)

Great bag Casey, thanks for the tips.

Sans! said...

Wow, totally unexpected! Tessie hurt herself and we got a tut on doctor's bag ! Maybe more accidents should happen to Tessie, eh? ;p