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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Found My Hat!!!

I am in for it now....Tessie found her witchy Santa hat. As soon as she found it, she proclaimed that Christmas was here! Maybe she will take it off and I can grab it and hide it again.

She insisted that we start decorating one of the trees. Yes, I said trees, plural. I finished fancying up four of them. I did put a string of lights on the first one. I am going to take them back off. Now that I see the photo, I don't like the shape of that one. It looks like a pointed barrel... Not at all what I wanted.

The gold on it is simply a double strand of unraveled bunka.

The two smaller trees on the right have the same tree bare and with branches so that you can see how different they look.
I started making a few simple ornaments with beads. I don't like trying to make tiny hooks and being limited to where a convenient branch is, to hang them...I came up with a simple method to fix that. I make the ornaments on a head pin then just bend the bare end at right angles to the ornament. That way, you can just stick them into the body of the tree wherever you want them.

The two colored ornaments that you see already on the tree are beads, topped with a very tiny flat silver finding that I found at Walmart in the beading section just a couple of weeks ago. They make perfect tops for the ornaments. The butterfly is a crystal bead that I bought to make earrings. I would probably never wear butterfly earrings, so they are going to a good cause instead of laying around in a drawer somewhere.

By this time, it is probably dawning on you that you will have some short stems of lycopodium left after making the trees. Here's one thing that you can do with them. Find yourself some green chenille stems and bend them into scallops or a ring and make wreaths and swags.
The swags at the top of the Christmas Kitchen Island were done at least a dozen years ago....They are still going strong.

Tessie loves it when she has an excuse to climb on places that she shouldn't. I was hoping that she would take the hat off or lose it while climbing....No such luck. She is still singing Jingle bells and making a list for Santa...

I am biding my time....Sooner or later the hat is coming off and when it does, it is going to mysteriously disappear and things will go back to normal.....Well as normal as it gets around here with a tiny witch making up the rules as she goes.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Love the ornaments! So pretty! Tessie looks so cute in that hat. Are you sure you want her to take it off? :D

Lataina said...

The trees look great, and I'm with Kathi on the ornaments. =)

DollZandThingZ said...

Love the trees, the ornaments! Love Tessie in her hat!

Lucille said...

Casey, I love your tutorial on making the ornaments. Thank you so much. Tessie has put me in a decorating mood.

Kikka said...

O`sO Lovely, Thank You!

Marisa Stein said...

I love Tessies hat, she's put me in the christmas spirit!