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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hiding in the Workroom.....

Walter is off work this week....What does he choose to do on his first day of vacation? Shampoo the carpets.

I am no fool. I help move the furniture, vacuum the place and then I quickly run away and hide! This time, I opted for hiding in the workroom. Walter came as far as the door outside and told me that the carpet cleaner had died quiet death.....He had to go out and either get it fixed or purchase a new one. The old Hoover served us well for many years. I offered to bury it in the back yard and have a grave side service for it....He sensibly decided that it would be better to give it to Goodwill. Maybe they could fix it so that someone else could use it.

I went back to work and emptied two laundry baskets of odds and ends, putting them away in their proper places. There was only one difficulty. Every time that there was something that had to go in another room, there was a traffic jam in the hallway outside my workroom....

Walter pushed the cat tree into the hallway so that he could do the living room rug first. Usually I can at least show you what the room looks like from the hallway....Not today.

Tessie has taken up sentry duty on the tree and keeps shouting, "Halt! Who goes there?". And when I try to get back in, she demands my name rank and serial number. After the fourth time it started to get a little old.

I told her to either help with the cleaning or leave. Some help! She got as far as the door and asked, "Hey! Did you ever let people see the back of the door?" Then she climbed up the side of the storage unit that I have there. This is how I store my larger cans of paint, glue and varnish. I found a clear shoe storage bag with 22 compartments in it at Walmart years ago. It holds 22 pair of shoes, or way more cans of stuff that I use all of the time. Easy to see and I don't have to paw through a drawer or cabinet to get to them. It also holds Tessie when she is so inclined. Kathi just wrote a comment that she couldn't find Tessie in the photo...Oops! Sorry Kathi, I put in the wrong photo. No. Tessie isn't in there.

OK. I am stalling. I guess you should know that I won't be doing any minis for pretty much the rest of the day. I am in cleaning mode.

It is kind of fun though. I found things that I had forgotten about.

Tessie is not impressed with the small shelf unit that I got at a garage sale a while ago. She says it is to cramped to live in. Actually, I bought it with someone about half her size in mind. I thought that it would make a good 5 room, 1/2" house sometime.

The other two on top are more shadow boxes than room boxes. The larger one is about 3" deep and has glass on the front. The smaller one is about 2" deep and has a channel on either side of the front for a 7" by 9" piece of glass. I am going to have to check my extra picture frames and see if I have that size. Fingers crossed.

I also found two pieces of wicker that are essentially finished. All I need to do is find somewhere to use them.

Did you notice that Tessie is no longer wearing the Christmas witchy hat? I waited until she was asleep and snatched it off of her head. I put her old straw hat in it's place. Since she seldom looks in a mirror, I got away with it. Now if she asks, please just tell her that the Christmas hat was all a dream.....Thank goodness there are still a few days left until she really has to get serious about decorating.

Back to the workroom.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Is Tessie were camouflage? I poked the photo but still can't see her in the fourth row, third from the left...
If you're looking for a place for that wicker you found, I know right where you can send it! :D

Caseymini said...

Oops! Sorry Kathi! I put in the wrong photo. Tessie left...LOL