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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Emperor's New Clothes....

OK, so Balthazar isn't the emperor. Sometimes he has delusions.....Yesterday, after I left you, he ordered me to fix his pants or make him new ones.

I opted for new ones. The old ones were beginning to wear thin and smell strange....

I whipped him up a striped shirt and cravat. Those I built right on him. I start with the sleeves, whacking off a couple of pieces of fabric that will fit his arms. Then moving out from there. The front and back of the shirt cover the top edge of the sleeves and then the collar and front placket go on last. It is hard to show you how as I don't use a pattern for shirts. I just cut and glue.

The cravat is simply a strip of a real silk necktie. I cut it in a strip about 3/4" wide and folded the middle part that goes around his neck in thirds and glued them down, leaving the ends loose to form the tie.

I can finally show you the pattern for the vest, I made my own this time. This only works with leather though. There is no sewing.

Each mini person is different so you might have to make some adjustments if you try it. Before cutting leather, cut it out with a scrap of fabric to see if it fits your particular man.(same with the pants pattern)

After you get it the right size, simply wrap it around him and glue the front shoulder over the back. Then glue the front opening closed. I cut and glued a couple of small pieces for pocket flaps and put buttons on the vest with fabric paint.

I also drew out my pants pattern. I do sew these. I like using a fabric that doesn't ravel much. The last pair got the embarrassing hole because I tried some regular men's suiting material that did. Big drafty mistake......Poor Zar.

You will notice that the front center seam is shorter than the back. This is for seat room. I cut the two pieces right sides facing in so that when I go to sew them they will turn out right. With right sides together, I then sew the front seam completely together and the back seam about half way up to the top.

I usually simply run a bead of glue across the bottom inside of the legs and the top of the waist if I am going to cover it with a vest. Otherwise I would add a waistband and belt.

Next I pull the two legs together and sew each one, starting at the center seam, about half way down. It is much easier to get his legs through the pant legs if you wait until you have them on to sew the bottom half. Did I mention that I do pants by hand with needle and thread? No sewing machine.

I had to tell Tessie no when she saw his new clothes. She wanted new too....I had to remind her that she was wearing a new apron, headband and wristlet.

To forestall any arguments, I sent them both to clean out the townhouse. It was starting to look like hoarders had been living there. It was a good candidate for "Clean House" I was afraid that someone was going to show up and insist that Tessie have a garage sale immediately, if not sooner.

I lied through my teeth and told them both that I would be back to work on their respective houses soon....Hey! Anything to get them out of my hair. I want to work, uninterrupted, on April's cottage today.

They did a great job of cleaning out the mess.....I am afraid to ask where they put everything. I suspect that I won't be able to open the door of the work room later today.

Of course, Tessie had to spoil things. She gave Zar a tour of the rooms and grandly announced, "Soon I will have a new closet here. It will be full of new clothes, hats, shoes and other wonderful things....Too bad that Casey didn't allow room in the Clockwork Cottage for you to have one." The sarcasm was oozing in her voice.

I am going to try to stay as far away from both of them as I can for the rest of the day. Let the bickering begin.....Without my involvement.

See you tomorrow.


Lady Jane said...

I do outfits for my dolls so I loved your tutorial. Thanks. Arent you afraid to have Tessie clean as I bet she hid your bottle brush trees.... Mini Blessings, L J

Caseymini said...

LJ, I doubt that Tessie would hide the trees. She loves Christmas. Presents, you know. The more trees, the more gifts! LOL

Kathi said...

Zar's new clothes look great! I love the leather vest. Thanks for sharing your pattern and tips too. ALL of my dolls need clothes! The new man of the house is shirtless right now.
Fine for the beach, but it's getting colder here now. :D

Nina said...

Zar looks very dapper in his new finery, Casey! I especially love the cravat. I think my gentleman needs one!

Debbie said...

Zar, looks very dapper in his new clothes..x

Lucille said...

Thanks to your haute couture, Casey, Zar is looking very elegant!

Norma said...

With her witchy ways I'm sure Tessie would have done the clean up the easy way, all magic and no sweat ;) It's probably now in some black hole at the border of the universe.