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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tea and Wicker....

I have been thinking about the things that I am going to have to make for the Russian Cottage.

I dug through my jewelry box and found the pin with nesting dolls. April brought this back, thinking that I could use the individual dolls in miniature sometime. The time is now.

I hunted all over for a pair of earrings that she also gave me. The dolls on those are even smaller than these....You might know it. They are hiding somewhere.

The other thing that I found is a tiny Russian pottery pig with leather ears. I love this one. He just looks so darned goofy and happy.

I then thought of one think that Tessie needs for the cottage. It has to have a samovar. We must have tea!

This is a real one that sits on the plant shelf in my kitchen. It isn't quite authentic Russian. It is brass and made in India. I found it at a garage sale for five dollars years ago. I think that it is close enough that I can get away with copying it in mini. So many ideas, so little time.

This morning I have been working on the 500 + give away.

Unfortunately, the first piece is going to have to be listed as used. Tessie insisted on sitting in the chair to watch me work on the footstool that goes with it. There will be other things besides these two. As soon as I am finished, we will begin the drawing......Hang on. I'm working as fast as my little fingers can go.

The first step on the foot stool was to drill 55 holes. The second was to cut and glue 55 pieces of wire all around. No. I didn't get confused and put the wires in wrong. They will be bent out and down around the sides of the frame as I weave.

If I ever want to get to the give away part, I had better get back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

WOW~ A lot of work goes into that wicker furniture! I love your dolls Casey! And your goofy pig, lol!

Kathi said...

Those little dolls will be perfect for your cottage! So tiny!

So you drilled 55 holes and glued 55 strings huh? I know I'd never have the patience or the steady hand to do this!

Sure hope I win your give-a-way! I would LOVE to have another one of your beautiful chairs!! Is that being too selfish? Please say NO.

Caseymini said...

Katie, I thought that you would like the pig.LOL
Kathi, that's 55 covered wires. I have to go check what I wrote....

Both of you throw your names in the hat when the time comes. This one doesn't count.....It will still be a couple more days.

Sans! said...

Oooh, that matryoshka doll brooch is just to die for!! I have done a post on these dolls as well :). Been wondering how to make a mini one that actually opens . Maybe with a peanut shell? Lol

I have wanted a mini samovar for the longest time. I understand that there are actually miniature ones (but probably of the wrong scale) The ones I like best are the painted ones.

Lataina said...

Oh this is going to be AWESOME!!! Casey I love everything you do....such creativity and always so original. =)

Deni said...

You! are so busy Casey, Gosh 55 holes as well as those strings!
You are very patient!
I do hope Tessie doesn't hide your giveaway!
She seems to really like it!!!!

Caseymini said...

Sans, I have seen a couple of samovars in the right scale, but they were very, very expensive. That's an excuse for building my own.

I took the chair away from Tessie so she won't be hiding it. I am almost finished with the foot stool......

miniacollection said...

You are a very busy woman.
I too have a brooch with russians dools, it will be perfect for your project.
By the way your giveaway is going to be great.