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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't Tell Tessie....

I found Tessie curled up in the new chair, fast asleep this morning. She has a dozen other chairs that I made just for her, but she doesn't want those. You know how she always wants the newest.

I took advantage. I sneaked out and went to the antique mall. I was getting stir crazy and needed a break.

I found this. It is an Ivorex plaque. Made in England in the 20s. They aren't at all expensive, but I like them. They seem plentiful in England. Not so much here.

This is only the second one that I have ever seen. It size is about six by nine. It is semi three dimensional. The plaques are about an inch deep and the figures, as well as all of the other objects stand out from the background.

Essentially, they are instant miniatures with lots of tiny details. This is titled "A Friendly Call".

The only other one that I have seen is the other one that I have. It is "Charles Dickens in his study Gadshill".

I think that I like the new one better. More detail and a cozy subject.

Anyway, I am glad that I went and I am not showing them to Tessie when she wakes up. She will want them.

Speaking of the little witch, I just went in and woke her up myself, after putting away the plaques.

She agreed to pose in the chair as long as I didn't make her stand up. She knows that if she stands, I will rip the chair right out from under her. I am mean that way.

So.....Here's the chair, the footstool without cushion or trim and a third piece that I have decided to throw into the mix. It is actually a hanging wall shelf, but I couldn't hang it on the pillow that I have everything propped against, so you will have to use your imagination.

Now I have to pull the footstool from under her feet so that I can finish it. She is going to be extremely disgruntled.

How am I going to break it to her that she is going to have to let go of the chair? Oh! I know. As soon as I finish the things for the drawing, I am going to have to start a new chair, designed and made just for her.....No..Wait....It seems to me that I have done that a number of times already....Have you ever heard the phrase "vicious circle"????

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Your wicker is wonderful! If you pick me for the winner I will be your bestest friend forever and ever!
Pinkie swear! :D

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I thought that you already were my bestest friend forever.....from when you won the first chair.ROFLOL

Lyssa and James Bowen said...

Oh those are fabulous! Wicker is something I have yet to try. I think those particular pieces would look fabulous in my cottage (when I get to it.) ;)

Deni said...

Those chairs are amazing Casey!!!
Couldn't make those in a million years!!!!
You find the most wonderful treasures those plaques goodness they are fabulous!!!!

Susan said...

I'm playing catch up with blogs,just saw your give away post. I'm not entering as I don't have anywhere I can use this set and I'd hate to deprive someone who already has somewhere to show off your beautiful wicker, but I wanted to say it's a fabulous and generous give away. Love the soft floral fabric you've used on the temporary seating too.