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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Partially Appeased...

While I was at the mini meeting yesterday, I started a wicker table. When I got home, Tessie broke into my work box and started cooing over it. "My table. Oh...Pretty table...." Then she turned and scowled at me. She demanded and questioned at the same time, "This is for me, isn't it? You are replacing all of the furniture that you stole from me to give to other people, aren't you?"

How could I tell her no? She has now decided that, if I replace the pieces that I am sending out next week, she will forgive me. She made me sign a contract that stated the new furniture replacements to be her property, not to be stolen or given away EVER. So the drawing will go on as planned.....

My friend Elena, in Siberia, commented on the last entry to tell me that the windows in the cottage should be smaller. I quite agree with her. I was thinking about making them smaller, even before I got her comment. So I changed them this morning.

To keep out the wind, rain and cold, the Russian cottages do have smaller windows. I went down to 2" by 3 1/2" and also took the door down a bit too. I don't want to make them too small, because I am not going to electrify this one and it does need a little light coming in.

Tessie and the Russian pig agree. It is so nice when nobody is fighting....It won't last.

I started putting siding on the front of the house. It looks terrible right now. It is just roughly sided. A lot of this will be covered by gingerbread panels.

I did get a coat of teal on the siding. I will show you that tomorrow, hopefully with some of the trim done.

By the way, the windows will be even smaller when I get the frames and glass in them. But that's another story.

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

I wish I could work as quick as you Casey. It must be because you have a

Susan said...

You are so productive I think you must be the witch with the wand and you just blame it on Tessie! I love the 'bashing' that you come up with.

rosanna said...

I agree with Debbie, Tessie must be using a spell on you because you are supernaturally fast. The Russian house is so much to my taste, I love it. Minihugs Rosanna

Elena said...

Thank you Casey, I'm glad your Russian cottage is developing so fast. I'd like you to have a look to a small scene made by one Russian women. I think you can get the right feelling( or atmosphere) from this simple but very touching episode. And it's very authentic for Russian country life.
I don't know how to attach pictures to this comment so I'll try to send them by e-mail. And you will share your impressions, OK ?
I like all detailsof the picture but the wallpaper. It's to posh for the room...

Elena said...

Thank you Casey for taking my words into consideration, your Rus.cottage is developing so fast I agree there must be some magic used.

I'd like you to have a look to one scene made by Russin doll maker. I like it very much because of the special feellings ( or atmosphere) - sure you'll understand what I mean. It's very authentic for country life during many many years, very typical.
I like all details, but the wallpaper - it's too posh, but the others are perfect!
The name of the scene is "Before going to sleep" (it's my translation? but very close to the idea I hope.

As I can't send this in comments I'll try to do it by e-mail. Please, tell me your impressions, OK ?

Elena said...

Sorry for two comments! the first one
seemed to be collapsed so I had to write the new one. but both of them are survived !

Promise to develop my sending comments skills.

Caseymini said...

Elena, don't worry about the extra. All of us have done that one time or another.