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Saturday, October 16, 2010

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night......

It really was, but it cleared up by midnight and the drawing closed as planned. There were 78 people in the drawing. There were 79 letters but two were from the same person.
Now, just for fun, I am going to keep you in suspense for a few minutes...I know that you are going to cheat and go down to the bottom of the entry to see who won. Come back here! No peeking!
First I have to tell you that I went to the Tucson Miniature Society mini show this morning.
The first table that I hit was the garage sale table that the club puts out. I had a wonderful time there and got all sorts of goodies. These are the ones that Tessie is picking over in the first photo....She would pick up a piece and carefully put it in a pile with, "I can use this in the cottage. Or she would toss something in the other direction saying, "Why'd you buy this? Useless." Her pile was much larger than the useless pile."

As soon as I make something useful with the useless stuff, she will transfer it to her pile anyway.

My friend Anne, one of the Wednesday Witches, and I wandered through the show looking at all sorts of wonderful things. She pulled me over to one table that stood out because it had lots of artisan furniture from earlier times.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Warren Dick, but he was a fine furniture builder in mini in the 80s and 90s. He passed away years ago, so we were both somewhat surprised to see a lot of his pieces on this table. By the time we got finished, there were five less pieces of his furniture on the table.....Maybe I should say four pieces of furniture and one loom. Anne took care of the furniture part. I got the loom after much deliberation.

I used my last dollars to buy it and it was a real bargain at 75% less than the price of the last one that I had seen a couple of years ago.

This one was made in 1983 and is still going strong.

As soon as Tessie saw it, she sat right down and, to my surprise, she went to work. She tells me that, years ago, she earned her living as a weaver. This could be the start of a whole new career for her or I guess I should say the revival of an old career.

OK. You have been very patient....Those of you that stuck with me through the mini show anyway. I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

Tessie has taken over the wicker again, but this time she is cooperating. She knows that the pieces have to go to a new home, so she posed with the winner's name after she drew it. And the winner is......Drum roll please...........Katie of Katie's Clay Corner .

Katie, If you will contact me, we will discuss the fabric that you want. Tessie tells me that she still has plenty of the apron fabric hidden away if you would like that or you are welcome to something else if that isn't what you want. I did notice that you were very confident and said that if you won you might choose that one. It isn't carved in stone yet though.

I am just sorry that I couldn't do a set for everybody. Well there is always next time......Thanks for all of the great comments. I hope that you will keep coming back. Party on!!!

See you tomorrow.


cockerina said...

Congratulations to Katie!
pity though, I was hoping to win this time ...
a kiss!
Caterina, from Italy

Kathi said...

Congratulations Katie! She is going to LOVE your wicker goodies!!!!

Thanks for having this drawing and congratulations on having so many followers! Just goes to show you how great your minis are!

I love the wicker chair you made for me and I know Katie will too!

Blessings, Kathi

Linda said...

Congratulations Katie!! ...woohoooo!! :D Linda x

Elena said...

Congratulations to Katie!

Honestly I feel no pity but I envy her with (as we say it in Russian) WHITE ENVY -it's a kind of positive envy, actually it's mix of gladness,understanding, hopes for future and small touch of regret- boys it's dificult to explain ! But for sure it's not a bad feelling !

I'm glad this wonderful creations've found worthy owner !

Lataina said...

awww shucks, I didn't win! LOL Congratulations to Katie! Thanks Casey for the opportunity at such a generous giveaway. =)

Katie said...

WHAT??? My mouth feel open when I saw that Tessie was holding my name...... OMG!! I am beside myself!! For Real?? :)

I'm off to email you right Now:)

May said...

Felicidades Katie.
Buaaaaa, yo lo queria para mi tambien, jeje.
Besitos, Maylymogbu

rosanna said...

Katie is a sweetie so I'm not too jealous (^_^) Minihugs to both, Rosanna

Chelle said...

Congratulations to Katie!

Debbie said...

Great finds at the market Casey. Like the little tiny Houses on the left. The Loom is beautiful.
Many Congratulations to Katie on winning the give away, I'm really pleased she won it, cause she's a really lovely

Irene said...

Congratulations on your win, Katie. Lucky you!

Lisette said...

Congratulations to Katie!
Nice wicker set!!

Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Congratulations Katie!

Byu the way, I have a loom just like that! I always wondered who made it! It was my prize purchase at a show! One of these days it will get a roombox! I'm so glad Tessie likes it!

Caseymini said...

Heather, if the loom is indeed a Warren Dick loom, there should be a W. Dick and the year that the loom was made on the bottom of one of the support bars. Check it out.

Heather said...

Lucky Katie!

That loom is wonderful! Lucky you too!

CLARA said...

¡Felicidades Katie! Vas a tener un maravilloso conjunto de mimbre.
El telar ha sido una excelente compra. Puedes hacer negocio si Tessie le dedica unas horas al dia :)
Besos Clara

miniacollection said...

Congratulations Katie!
I was patient and read all your post before reading the name of the winner. I love your purchases.

Kim said...

Congrats to Katie!!! That loom is amazing!! Does it really work? I would have dug out my last pennies for it too :)

Sans! said...

Wooooooohoooooooo!I know there are many wonderful people in the draw but I am really happy Katie won. Oh my, she will just treasure them to the bones. But don't allow the kitties near the wicker!!! :) CONGTAZ Katie!!!!

And thanks Casey for organising this. By the way, I think the loom is a must buy. My god, what a piece of treasure! If I were there at the show, you and I would be fighting over it..hehehe! Although I didn't know who Warren Dick was until now. Must go and try find out more on Google.