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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tessie Says "Thanks!" and Other Stuff....

Shhhh! It's Tessie....Don't tell Casey!

I received some goodies yesterday from my friend Kathi over at Beautiful Mini Blessings ! Casey opened the package by mistake, but I rectified that quickly. She no longer remembers a thing about it.

While she was out this morning, I had Zar help me set up the tripod and take a couple of photos so that you could see what I got.

There was a super cool necklace. Kathi thought it was a keyring. Wrong. It is a little heavy but it expresses how I feel, so I will wear it on special occasions(and when Casey gets unruly). There were also some clips with LOL and other initials on them. I am going to have to look those up. I don't speak computer very well. Hey! Give me a break! I am jumping up and down on the keys as fast as I can, as it is! Read the Necklace!

I also got two pair of flip flops. Puce and orange....Unfortunately, they were a few sizes to big for me. I did notice that Zar has his eye on those for when he hits the beach... There was also some very retro material and some puce and pink rubberized fabric, some pink cording and some snow cones....

For those of you with not so good eyesight, here's a close up of the note that Kathi sent with the package. If you still can't read the message, poke the photo! Thank you so much for all of the goodies, Kathi! I will put them to good use!

I hear Casey coming now. I have to invisibl-ize what I just put on the blog and zap myself out of here. Later!

Tessie thinks she got away with that! Don't tell her I watched the whole thing. You should see her jump up and down on the keyboard when she gets going! I had trouble not giving myself away by laughing at her.

I will add my thanks. Kathi, that "necklace" is a hoot! Tessie can barely walk with it around her neck, but she is nothing, if not determined!

I kept myself out of the way by doing some yard work while she was jumping around.

After I came back in, we both settled down with some books and supplies for basketry.

I cleaned out the box of supplies and found several unfinished baskets a rug and ONE finished basket.

The finished one is the rainbow one down by the start of the bargello rug. I am not too far behind. The two baskets sitting on their spools are almost finished. The twined one that Tessie is holding is almost done. There is however, a twined one on the floor that is about 1/3 done and we won't talk about the checkerboard one that I started this morning..... I think that I had better get back to work...

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Glad you like your "necklace" Tessie.
I forget to tell you that the flip flops are from Katie at Katie's Clay Corner. She sent me so many pairs I just had to share! Sorry they don't fit. Seems you like to go barefoot anyway. So do I.
You ARE going to help Casey finish those baskets, aren't you??

Clara said...

Los regalos estan muy prácticos. Parece que Tessie le ha encantado el collar con colgante maxi.
Las cestas tienen mucho trabajo. Te salen muy bien.
Besos Clara

Caseymini said...

Kathi! Don't encourage her! Tessie doesn't know how to get to the comment page and I am not going to show her. I would really have trouble if she could do that. You'r right. Tessie and I are both allergic to shoes when we can get away with it. Zar is the exact opposite, so he will love them.

Debbie said...

I'm sitting here laughing visualising Tessie, jumping up and down on the computer keys...LOL xxx

Rietje said...

Hi Casey,

I'm Rianne from Holland

I Love your baskets! I like to make baskets in different technics.
What kind of wire do you use for the base off your coiling ?
I think it's the wire florist use?? We don't have it on spools in Holland. They only sell it in short pieces.
I love Tessie's story on your weblog!!

Caseymini said...

Rianne, the wire I use is florest's wire. It is #32 gage fabric covered. I have used as large as #28 gage that comes in short lengths like you describe. It doesn't work as well because you can only make a small basket without splicing. That leaves a bit of a lump. If there is any way that you can find the kind on the spool, it will turn out a better basket.