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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust.....

Yup. There's another dead T shirt in the recycle bin. I left you yesterday a bit irritated. Today I am back to being a happy camper.
I just finished the contour chair. When you last saw it, it was laying on the floor, footless. After looking through google images for "contour lounge chairs", I decided to wing it.

I kind of echoed the base of the coffee table. It's kind of a rudder shape. I laid the chair sideways on a piece of foam core and drew around the bottom curve. Then I decided how tall and what shape the ends would have. I also cut a cross piece for the foot of the chair.

Next I further mutilated the orange T shirt and covered both pieces of foam core. Then I glued the two together and in turn, glued them to the bottom of the chair with Fast Grab.
I am afraid that I am going to have to make something similar for Zar when I get back to the Clockwork Cottage.

He and Tessie had to check all aspects of the chair before they approved.

Here you can see the bottom and how is it put together.

I think that I still have to do just a little more trimming on the black bottom. It is visible from the top in a couple of places when you turn it back over.

As soon as it was turned right side up again, Zar jumped on it. Tessie tried to be nice....That didn't work, so she went for his throat.

The next thing was to try to bodily remove him....He just laughed at her. That added insult to injury.

I left the room. I don't like bloodshed. I stayed away for a while. It was very quiet.

Later, I went back to check on the stillness.... As I tiptoed into the room, I heard...."Nice sock monkey...Nice Zar. Now...You aren't going to take my chair ever again, are you?"

I am smart enough to know that you don't interrupt when Tessie is talking...Especially when she is talking to a sock monkey that used to be Zar.......

See you tomorrow.


Dlsarmywife said...

oh no...poor Zar!!! We have a contour chair very similar, only in black leather as opposed to orange t-shirt material (wink wink) and I have been playing around with making some in 1/6th scale.
Hopefully Zar will be back to himself before too long.

Clara said...

Parece que Zar no tiene suerte con este nuevo sillón de relax. Está muy bien y muy barato :)
Besos Clara