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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cut Rate Bodyguard....

This morning, at Target, I hired the Prince of Persia to play bodyguard to Tessie.....Hey! Six foot tall, with sword and dagger in hand, and kind of cute besides. I forgot to ask if he had any brains. I now know why he was about 75% less that the original price. I unpacked him and turned him loose. He grabbed his sword and dagger, stormed the townhouse. He swore up and down that someone had ransacked the place and Tessie needed LOTS of protection.... It is hard to explain to the uninitiated that this is the normal state of the townhouse when I am not working on it.

He was about to slash the bed to see if anyone was hiding under it.Tessie managed to hold him back. Then, she turned to me and said in a very quiet hiss through her teeth, "Whatever were you thinking? I don't need a bodyguard and he needs his head examined!". Then at the top of her lungs, she turned to him and yelled, "You're FIRED!!!". I think that is the shortest career in history.

Oh well. He was a bargain and as they say.....You get what you pay for. We will just have to find him another place to call home.

Speaking of bargains, I am liking how the large vase/dome is turning out. On the way home from Target, I stopped at Dollar Tree. I found another one. This vase is the same shape, but much smaller than the one that I have been working on. I found a base from a garage sale small dome in my stash. I think I paid a nickle for the base and dome both. I will do something else with the dome. As you can see, this one will be perfect for displaying a single doll. Unfortunately, there was only one left. I have at least three more dolls that need finishing.

I will do the same thing to hold the dome on the base. A piece of foam core covered with flooring will do the trick. That will lift the doll up a bit and make it better fit the height of the dome/vase.

Oh! Probably a lot of you have already discovered this tip, but in case you don't know about it, I am going to include it. Both of the vases had those awful sticky labels on the bottom/top. I dug one layer of paper off and couldn't find the Goo Gone to take off the rest. I grabbed one of the Clorox wipes that come in the plastic canisters and with ONE swipe it took off all of the sticky stuff and the residue from the label! It actually worked better than the Goo Gone Label Remover! I will never buy that stuff again. I don't like the greasy feel of it. Now I don't need it.

I couldn't resist one cat picture. Mookie is pretty much his old self now. Back to fighting weight and bouncing around like he was never ill.

This is his new favorite place to be when I am on the computer. I forgot that there was a slide out shelf on both sides of the desk. Thank goodness I found it again. He kept sitting on the mouse on the other side. It's hard to maneuver when he is sitting on my hand. He now happily snoozes on the left side. It works out well for both of us. I can work and he can sleep. No more arguments about territory.

Enough stalling. I need to go placate Tessie now.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

The prince is kinda cute. Wonder where he will end up? Has he met Zar yet? I can imagine there will be some competition forthcoming...

Thanks for the Clorox Wipe tip. I've tried Goo Gone too and it's messy stuff. Doesn't work either!

Claudia said...

Mookie is adorable. Glad he's feeling better. Too bad the Prince of Persia didn't work out. Perhaps he protect another area of the house?


Marlene said...

Mookie looks hansome and well,glad to see it.
As for the prince of Persia, I can see an Arabian Night comming on!!

Marion said...

I don't mind a Mookie picture now and again being a cat lover myself and I love my little Misty. The reason she doesn't appear in my piccies a lot is because she lives with my husband (who lives somewhere else :-)), but she visits form time to time and likes to sleep on my hand that holds the mouse. Sounds familiar? ;-) BTW love your work with the domes.

Katie said...

So glad to hear the Mookie is bouncing back!! And I wanted to tell you that Cora's new kitty, Lily...Has the same dark gray nose and same dark gray tail! Didn't realize her tail was darker until recently, and I think it's so neat!!

The Prince of Persia is Too Funny!! I think we all need a mini man in our lives, LOL!! I have Arnold, Bah hahaha....