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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick! Duck!!!

This morning I went back to work on the townhouse. I finished both sets of stairs. Would somebody please tell me why Real Good Toys makes the holes for the stairs about an 1/8" narrower than the stairs themselves??? You have to chop a piece out of the top stair to make them fit where they should.

Of course Tessie was enchanted with being able to go from one floor to the next without zapping....It seems that, according to her, zapping puts a lot of wear and tear on the body. Something about molecular structure out of alignment. I didn't ask for an explanation. I am sure that I wouldn't understand it anyway.

As she raced up and down the stairs of the first floor, Zar just stood and watched. She disappeared up the second to third story stairs and he proceeded to follow.

That's when we noticed another, altogether different set of problems...He did fairly well going up. He automatically crouched a bit.....Coming down was a different matter.

Do you see the problem? They made the stairwell too small for his six foot frame. He gets down to the sixth step and he can't avoid bumping into the header.

The only way he can get down is by backing down on all fours or sitting down on one of the steps and sliding!

It is too late now. I am not ripping out a wall in the bathroom for more head space. He is just going to have to suffer. It's just a good thing that he doesn't live here. His head would be wrapped in bandages all of the time.

Even Tessie has to lean back a bit coming down and she is short.

Spike doesn't see a problem at all......

A couple of days ago I bought a new tool that would have probably taken care of the problem if I wanted to opt for a smaller bathroom. Too bad Dremel didn't come out with this gadget sooner.
I have gotten as far as bringing it in and setting it on the kitchen counter to drool over. As soon as I think of something that I want to build with it, it will get tested out.

A couple of friends got them as soon as they came into existence....So of course,being the lemming that I am, I had to follow along.

It is a Dremel Trio. The only place that you can get one right now is at Home Depot. This is the Wizard of Oz of tools. It saws, sands and routes.

It is ideal for miniature builders. If for nothing else, it makes cutting out windows and the like, extremely easy work. It is a plunge saw. You can start anywhere on the board, turn it on and plunge the blade into the board. It is a spiral saw bit and you plunge it in and go in any direction you want without ever having to turn the saw! For a window, you plunge it in one corner, go to the next corner, without turning, you can go down the side of the window, across the bottom of the window and back to the beginning! Instant window!

I overheard Tessie and Zar making plans. Zar wants more windows in the Clockwork cottage. Tessie thinks that her next house should have a dark and dank cellar....Not my description. Hers. I think that I heard the words "torture chamber" and "dungeon" being tossed around.

I am really sorry that I let them get a look at the Trio.....If I put it away for a while, I wonder if it will slip their collective minds? I can only try.

See you tomorrow. P.S. Go here to see a video of what the trio does.


MiniKat said...

Lemming me needs one before I get started on the next build! Hmm... I guess I had better start saving up.

Caseymini said...

Kat! Welcome to the lemming pack! I need company!LOL

klara said...

woh beautifull usefull tool I WANT one too, only I live in the Netherlands, no Home Depot overhere. Have to find some who is going to the states. hmm
I enjoy your stories very much is the first I look at when I start my computer. Thank you

Debie Lyons said...

Some dolls houses do tend to have design errors like this. I think its because they are thinking more of the look of the house and not the practical element. I wants me one of those tools too Casey.

Debie xxxxxx

Papillon Bleu said...

sliding down the stairs sounds fun to me!

Caseymini said...

Then there is the time when I finished Zar's stairs and Tessie proceeded to use the bathtub as a sled....

Katie said...

Total Lemming here, too....I love theat game!!

I can just see Zar now belly sliding down those stairs!!! LMAO!

Kathi said...

Hmmmmm.... I'm seeing the wish list getting longer here!