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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Cleaned House!

I told you that those two would just drop everything and leave the premises. They did.

After I left you yesterday, I went and cleaned out the townhouse. I still have to pick up minute pieces of yellow rubber out of the rug in the workroom..... Not even a thumb left whole of the gloves that they were trying to make the Hazmat suits from.....Maybe I should be fair and say "Tessie was trying". By the time she finished chopping and gave up. Zar was laughing so hard that he was doing the old ROFLOL thing. I did see Tessie give him a swift kick before she left in a huff.

Since the townhouse is habitable again, they went right back to see what they could do in there.

Tessie started measuring for the poles in the closet. Never mind that the walls aren't all up yet and nothing is glued together. I guess that she figures I can do the closet walls to fit the length of the poles.

Never mind that, chances are, the poles are going to have to run in the other direction....and there will be shelves somewhere. At least it was keeping them occupied. It really does make me nervous to see them getting along though.

After she got bored with closet poles, Tessie started pestering me about a bed for her master suite, as she calls it. Please don't tell her that a "master suite usually includes an attached bath.

When she was in the workroom yesterday, she started looking longingly at The Bed.....That's how she says it....The Bed....With capitals. She has been drooling over this bed as long as I have known her. I wouldn't let her have it in her cottage. It wouldn't fit. Unfortunately, I no longer have that excuse.

It has never had an official room of it's own. Tessie informed me that she didn't want a swinging 60s bed. "It will make me dizzy!"

I refrained from telling her that she was already dizzy.

I have to admit that it probably would look good in her townhouse. Before I could stop her, she zapped it in to see if it would fit....It did....

Then she disappeared in a flash and reappeared in another flash. This time she zapped a French dressing table that I carved about twenty years ago.....Hey wait! That was in Cordelia's bedroom.

Tessie plonked it down opposite the bed and said, with satisfaction, "Cordelia didn't want this anymore and I do, so we made a deal."

I asked what the "deal" was. Her answer? "The deal was, I wipe it from her memory and I get to keep it."

Ummmmm.....Somehow that doesn't sound like a deal to me. That sounds like coercion of some sort.

Oh well....What Cordelia doesn't remember doesn't bother her. At least in theory.

Tessie managed to knock the mirror from the top when she zapped it. I will have to glue it back. She could be a bit more careful with her zapping....

I wouldn't let her do her usual routine of jumping up and down on the bed to try it out, so she went and found something to read and sprawled across it instead.

Please note the ad on the back cover. And I quote.... "Invest in the Best". I guess it does apply....Not that she buys anything. Her investments are mostly borrowed or pilfered. She does like the best of everything though.
I have to go to the Wednesday Witches mini meeting soon, so I will leave you with proof that the downstairs is spruced up and ready to work on tomorrow.

Let's just hope that it stays that way for the next 24 hours. Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.


Heather said...

I look forward to your blog posts everyday! So very amusing I'm ROFLOL (did I get that right?) I can't believe you carved the dressing table. You are truly talented!

Minnie Kitchen said...

I love how she is reading on the bed!!!

Katie said...

Tessie looks so comfy laying in her bed with her feet crossed! And yes, I did say Her, You can't let her get cozy in it if you expect to get it back!! What were you thinking, lol!!!!

MiniKat said...

If I could fit on that bed, I'd not only have a book to read but a box of chocolates as well.

By the way I'm blaming Tessie for Maddie's desire to travel.

Norma said...

I want a bed like that! As Kaite says Tessie looks so comfy (and so proprietorial). I must say I like her negotiating style ;)

April said...

I wholly approve of Tessie's using Jedi mind tricks with Cordelia to get the French dressing table. Well done!

Anonymous said...


miniacollection said...

The bed is lovely and looks very comfortable. The photo with Tessie on it is great, it just proves how comfortable it is.