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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Miss Muffet.....AKA Tessie's Tuffets

You may have noticed in some of the houses and scenes, there are little tuffets here and there.

I designed these a few years ago. I was wandering through Michael's one day, looking at all of the unfinished wood pieces. I saw these wheels that are meant for toys. On impulse, I bought a bag and took them home to experiment.

The tuffets were the result. The ones with the craziest fabric are the ones that were most popular at shows.

Anyway, I thought that you might like to try making your very own tuffet.

You need one wheel, some index card, a bit of bonded batting for the top, and a small piece of each of two co-ordinating fabrics and three beads for feet.

The first fabric has to be a strip long enough to fit around the wheel and overlap a bit. The second only has to cover the top and bottom circles and wrap around to the back.

The wheel that Tessie is working on is what the finished wheel should look like.

The top and bottom index card pieces, in this case were 1 1/4" diameter. Be sure to check the wheel that you use for size.

The top round should have a piece of batting cut to size. That is glued to the card with just a dab of glue to hold it whilst you wrap the fabric to the back. Clip with little Vs before wrapping to eliminate excess fabric. The bottom piece is done the same way without the batting.

If you want the top padded part to look tufted, simply sew a bead to the center pulling tightly.

Next, glue the top and bottom pieces to the wheel on opposite sides. I whip stitch them as an extra measure to be sure that they lay flat.

Then you put a trim of bunka or other cording around the top and bottom edges. Glue the three beads in an equilateral triangle on the bottom. There you have it.

The one that I did today was a double. It was an experiment to see if it would look like an old fashioned hassock. I simply glued two of the wheels together after they were covered.

I left the feet off of that one. As I remember, hassocks never had feet.

Tessie took possession as soon as it was finished and declared it suitable for eating strawberry pudding. She had four words for the traditional food, eaten whilst sitting on a tuffet. "Curds and whey? YUCK!"

She made me promise not to make a tuffet for Cordelia. She appears to have a jealousy thing going for Cordelia right now. I said that I wouldn't make her one......I didn't tell her that Cordelia already has one in her living room and one in the sewing loft. I didn't want to get anything started.

Tessie is already complaining that there is too much lace on her new clothes....Who was it that wanted more lace than Cordelia? I am not going to bring that up either. She is in an argumentative mood this morning. I am staying out of her way.

I noticed yesterday that all of the entries with Tessie aren't labeled in the list. I am going to have to go back and re label everything more accurately. Somehow that doesn't sound like fun.

Maybe I will just go make another tuffet instead.

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

I was looking for the Spider, that sat down beside her, Casey. Mind you knowing Tessie she'd adopt it..xxxx

Glenda said...

This little tuffet is brilliant - thanks for sharing the method!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Casey, as always you are so clever! I would have never in a million years imagined making that from the wooden wheel and yet, there it is, a perfect little hassock sans material!


Susan said...

Love the tuffets and the hassock. And I love Tessies clothes, all of them!

You know, a whisper about the fate of Salem witches might moderate some of the outrageous demands :)

Norma said...

It's a great idea because the rounded edge of the wheel gives a nice 'plump' look to them.

Caseymini said...

Susan, there is only one problem....Tessie claims to BE a Salem witch. She outsmarted them and lived to tell the tale......

As for the spider, Debbie, Tessie has it trained to do her weaving. That's where all of the lace comes from...

Merry Jingle said...

Thanks for another fab idea, I love how they look :)

Deni said...

they are so cute!