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Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a Little Fruit.....

I can't honestly say that the morning was fruitless....I went to several garage sales, two thrift stores, the 99cent store, Michael's and my favorite antique mall.

The fruits of my labor were few and far between. I got a pile of Better Homes and Gardens Quilting magazines. So much for garage sales.There was nothing at the two thrift stores and the 99 cent store worth purchasing.

I had a 40% off one item and a 15%off the entire purchase coupon for Michael's. All I could find was a hunk of half inch thick foam core board and a piece of illustration board. What is this world coming to, when I can't find anything but white boards on which to use perfectly good coupons?

I decided that a stroll through the antique mall might help my mood......Would you believe that I spent two dollars on the candlesticks that you see in the photo....That's it. I gave up and came home with just a little fruit....

Tessie wasn't too pleased. She usually benefits from shopping trips. The candlesticks were the only things that looked promising to her. Her only comment was "Huh? You bought more table bases? I don't need more tables. I have enough tables. Why did you buy more tables?" I just walked away, to discouraged to answer.

I consoled myself with cleaning out 1/4" supplies. Tessie hung around making rude comments on how useless the tiny furniture was.

"Why would you want to make furniture so little that I couldn't use it? That's just silly."

I did stick with it and I will be able to put my hands on things for quarter inch immediately when I need something.

I have been kind of itching to do something in quarter inch for a while now. It looks like I may have to work on it in an inconspicuous, out of the way corner so that Tessie won't know about it.

On the good news side of the scale....I am almost done with the black part of the zebra skin rug. I do have a couple of inches of the white done on the left side of the photo.

Now I am trying to decide if I want to leave it just the skin or to put a black border around the whole thing. We shall see. I have to get the body of the rug done first anyway.

I am going away now to pout about my semi fruitless day. See you tomorrow.


dale said...

That box looks like a great way to store those tiny furniture bits.

Sorry you weren't more successful shopping. I was at Michael's yesterday and frankly, I think I am actually, shopped out! :(

The rug is looking good. I vote for a black border, it would give it a modern edge to it, not sure that would be what you want.

Kathi said...

I hear you. I'm shopped out, burned out and resorting to eating chocolate for dinner. Maybe some mindless HGTV will bore me enough to get me back to my dollhouses?
Can't wait to see what you might do with your rug. Sure is pretty...

Minnie Kitchen said...

totally agree on the great coupon but nothing to buy syndrome!