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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Walls Are Better Than None......

It's Wednesday again.....The witches are meeting for minis about three blocks from here so I won't have far to fly.

I went to work and finished another wall this morning. With no help, what so ever, I might add.

It was pretty quiet for the first couple of hours. Then the grand tour started......Yup...Tessie was determined to show Zar why his cottage was not getting done. And would not be done anytime in the near future if she has anything to say about it.

The poor man was practically in tears.

First I caught them behind the workroom door. Tessie was showing him the Magnolia kit. She explained, "This is going to be my country house for vacations. Get it? We are working on the townhouse now....I will need a country house to balance things out."

Zar was silent and I could hear him grinding his teeth together.

The next think I knew, they had disappeared again. I let it be for a while and then got curious.

It seems that Tessie has been paying the wood eating gremlins under the bed to not eat the Harrison and the Storybook cottage kits that are under there. They are now officially house guards. I see that I am missing quite a bit of wood that I had stored in different spots around the house..... When I questioned her about it, she said, "Well, someone had to pay them and they only want to be paid in wood."

"Tessie, you gave them the crown molding for your townhouse!" I said.

"What did you want me to give them? An end table?". I could tell that she didn't mean a mini one from the townhouse. I quickly ran and checked to see if both end tables were still in the living room. They were.

She then went flouncing back to the bedroom and once more disappeared under the bed.

When I caught up, she was introducing Zar to the gremlins. She explained to the gremlins...."This is Zar. He's not wood. Don't bite him." And then to Zar...."If you know what's good for you, you won't try to steal my houses. If you do, I will tell the gremlins that you are made of maple. They love maple!"

She then proceeded to explain that, if he didn't watch it, she was going to make sure that both of these buildings would be finished before we got back to the Clockwork Cottage.

She didn't realize that I was spying. I managed to get Zar alone and tell him that, if she didn't straighten up and fly right, I was going to go back to work on the Clockwork Cottage.

A look of hope lit up his eyes. I think that I just made a terrible mistake. I have a feeling that I just started World War III!

I am getting out of here this afternoon. Thank goodness. Before I leave, I am going to sit them both down and tell them that nothing is going to get done if they both don't behave.

When I get back, they had better have things settled or I am going on strike. No dollhouse building at all.......

Who am I kidding? That won't happen....Better yet, I may just have to go work on someone else's house. That will fix them!
As I was typing, I looked over to see Cordelia sitting on her front steps.

Loud enough for the other two to hear, I yelled, "Cordelia, how would you like to finally have your house finished? It could be easily arranged."

Gotta run now. Things could get ugly.

See you tomorrow.

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Marion said...

You should write a book!!! Anyone told you that before? I'm sure they did. I keep coming back for more and BTW I envy you with such a lovely work/play room ;-)