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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something For Everyone

Yesterday afternoon this arrived in the mail. My friend Katie sent Mookie a get well card. Inside was a beautiful drawing that she did of Roch Castle in Wales. The lucky lady used to live close by. ***Katie added a couple of comments with information about the castle. Very interesting. It is supposed to be haunted. Please follow her links in the comments and go look.***

It is going to be hung in the Clockwork Cottage. I love it.

Last but not least, she sent Tessie a bubble wrap envelope....Katie gave her strict orders NOT to open it. So far, so good. She has been speculating about the contents for the past 24 hours. Some of her guesses were....A new house....Another pair of shoes....A giraffe and three elephants. She loves a good mystery, so she has agreed not to open it.

Anyway, I just wanted everybody to see the beautiful sketch and to say thank you so much, Katie! Well done!

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

Sorry about my handwritten Casey, But it's Roch Castle(not rock)....Pronounced 'Roach'.... which is the reason I think I remember the name so well. LOL... Anyways, here's a link to the story I had heard about the ghost that walks the top of it.

There's another story about a girl name Lucy, I think, I just happen to remember this one....and I remember seeing some kind of shadow on top of the building (like there was a man standing up there).....I should of drawn it in the picture, huh?? Maybe next time:)

Glad I could keep Tessie busy for a while! *wink


Katie said...

Here's one more link with a little more history, some pictures and Lucy's story:

Just in case you wanted to know....

Kathi said...

Katie's painting is beautiful! Wonder what's in Tessie's package?
I have a giraffe by the way. Does Tessie really want one?

Sans! said...

That is such a treasure, a miniature painting from a friend :). Katie, it is beautiful!