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Monday, June 7, 2010

Playing With Clay...

Remember when I did the mirror frames a several months ago? Tessie dug this one out this morning and decided that it was psychedelic enough to go in the house somewhere, since I hadn't used it anyplace else.

It was done with strings of poly clay squeezed through a clay gun, then gilded with a rub-on gold. Much easier than doing it with gold leaf.

After she snatched that, she went on a rampage in my poly clay drawers.

She announced, "After all. If we are going for a 60s look, this stuff definitely will brighten up the place."

I make canes of poly when the mood hits me. The nice thing is, it can be stored forever and still be workable later. I made these a few years ago and they are still fresh.

Tessie picked some of the ones that she liked best and what do you know? Yup! Mostly black and white. She's very predictable, if nothing else.

I took one of the posters that I found on the net and went to work. This is what I have so far.....It is strictly experimental. Still unbaked. I am going to play with it some more before I put it in the oven. Who knows? Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. We shall see. I'm not going to cover all of the lines. Probably just the ones that I have covered now....Or maybe I will take the black off of the photo part?

Mookie report. He has been out of the computer room a few times this morning. It was long enough to eat some food in the kitchen for a change. And long enough to get about 10 feet from Widget and meow loudly. The he decided that discretion was the better part of valor and went running back into the computer room. We are working on getting him back to normal a little at a time. He's still not up to par, but he's getting there.

I am going back out into the kitchen and work on the poly some more. I am braver than Mookie!
See you tomorrow.

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Peach Blossom Hill said...

Oh, my gosh! You never cease to amaze me! The mirror is wonderful and your poly clay art poster is stunning!