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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Out of the Cage!

I ran away from home this morning. I decided that, since nobody was here to stop me except two little bitty cats, I would get out of the house. Widget has stopped hissing at Mookie and Mookie is still ignoring him when he does it anyway, I figured that it was pretty safe.

I treated myself to breakfast out. I did a fast run for groceries. And then, I really ran away.....I went to about ten different garage sales in the neighborhood.....I even went back to the first one a second time.

Why, you ask? Because that one had lots of bags of jewelry findings for a quarter a piece. I spent a whole four dollars and look what I got!

One of the bags held four cabochon pin backs(mini picture frames) that were labeled 95 cents a piece.....There is the four dollars. The rest was free? Poke the photo for a better view. All of it was new in the package and probably from someone that was buying it wholesale for jewelry making to sell. It was advertised as an estate sale.

I also found three really nice baskets, a meat thermometer(new in the package) and an antique jam spoon at the same sale. Nickles and dimes.

I got the small wall cabinet that is behind Tessie and Zar at another place for 50 cents.

The best thing that I found was back at the first sale....I saved the best for last. I found a sewing box from Romania(it's marked on the bottom) It's in really good condition. Well built, with dovetailed joints and a bentwood handle. It was a whole ten dollars!
Now my only problem is....I am going to have to fight for it. Tessie immediately claimed it for a storage chest for the townhouse.....And then Zar jumped into the other end and announced.... "Since you bought all of those nifty findings, you can start working on the Clockwork cottage again."

Of course, that started an insane shouting match between him and Tessie, as to whom was going to get it.To make matters worse, Mookie pushed in and claimed the center portion for a new bed.....I think that Widget will stay under the bed, if he knows what's good for him.
I would just like to say....."OK you guys! Cut it out!" and "I am bigger than the three of you put together, so I get the last word. It's MINE!!!" Now all I have to do is follow up by throwing them all out on their respective ears!
It wasn't too difficult to get Tessie and Zar out. After I cooked the poly stuff from yesterday, they started divvying that up. More fighting, bickering and it almost came to fisticuffs.... I think that Tessie finally allowed him one jar.

The thing that I liked best in the end was a couple of towels for the bathroom. Everybody always has neat and tidy towels in their mini baths. I wanted something more like the real thing. Face it. In the real house, a lot of times the towels aren't on the rack.

I especially like the one with the trim that is wrapped around the glass and hanging off the table. I am thinking that it should have a bottle of shampoo where the glass is in the photo.

OK. Now that you have seen all of my ill gotten gains for the day, I am going to go see what I can make of the new findings.......Oops! First I have to lay claim to the sewing chest or I will never get it back.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Sounds like a fun morning! Except for the grocery part...
It's so funny that Mookie got into the sewing box. He is just too cute!
Great deal on all of the jewelry findings! Love that site you shared yesterday. I found lots of little things I'd like to have...

Dlsarmywife said...

Casey you found some amazing deals! Glad you are enjoying your weekend 'alone' if only Tessie would give you some 'alone' time too.