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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Are You Insane???

This morning, Tessie and I went shopping in what April calls the "Mom Store". We were looking for things to put in the shelves in the workroom. That's the nice thing about saving everything. There is always something to use.

The title of the entry today has to do with, what I thought were, some empty Petite Bijoux boxes. I used to make shoe boxes for the shoes that I sold at shows and these three have been sitting in one of the typesetter's drawers that I have hanging around.

I picked one up and opened it to stick the tissue paper back inside....Tessie was overseeing the procedure and exclaimed, "Oh! Heels! I want them!!!". Mind you, Tessie hasn't, to my knowledge, ever owned a pair of high heels or for that matter even tried a pair on in a store.

I looked at her out of the corner of my eye to see if she was serious....It looked like she was.

I said, "Tessie, what on earth would make you want to wear high heels? You know that you can't manage to walk over a flat surface without tripping over dust mites."

Her reply was, "Are you insane?". Then she went on quickly,"I wouldn't be caught dead in those things. They are lethal weapons!"

"Then why would you want them?" I asked.

"I need them for the closet in the townhouse. People will think that I am well rounded and well dressed if they see them in my possession."

Another bit of logic that I don't understand, but refuse to waste time arguing about. After all, they have been sitting on that shelf for a few years. I didn't miss them. I won't miss them if she displays them in her closet. "Have at it, Tessie!"

Did I ever tell you the secret of perfect stiletto heels? It lives in my front yard. It is large, has bark and many thorns.....Yup. My mesquite tree. The thorns make perfect forms for high heels when covered with leather. They are tough and hard to cut, so they aren't going to break easily.

The other secret is a piece of wire in the sole, the length of the shoe. That makes it bendable.

Anyway, we found a lot of stuff with possibilities. While we were digging in the workroom, it seems that Zar had plans of his own. I suspect that he figures that if he helps with the townhouse it will be finished more quickly and I will get back to the Clockwork Cottage.

He moved in part of his liquor cabinet. We found several bottles on the top shelf. Tessie demanded that he remove them immediately, if not sooner, and threatened to throw them at his head if he didn't.

The last I saw of him, he had bottles stuffed in his hip pockets and the rest in his arms, running for cover.

Someone expressed a wish to see the jewelry findings from yesterday more closely. I am not sure that these are much better, but it will give you a better idea of what was in the bags. Poke the pictures.

The two photos represent one of the large Plano boxes. This is the stash.
I think that's why Zar is hanging around. He is itching to get his hands on this stuff.

I had better get back to work. Walter will be home in a few hours. It might be a good idea if I at least cleared a path to the door before he gets here.

See you tomorrow.


FabShabbyRoses said...

Ohhhh could we beg you to do a tutorial on those high heeled shoes? That would be absolutely awesome. I can see myself making some of those! I've noticed before that your pictures don't enlarge very fact they stay pretty much the same size as on the blog...only enlarging just a tad bit....are you aware of that?
Oh are we going to see a tute? Even just a little one?

Caseymini said...

I can do a tutorial for the shoes, but I don't know what everybody would do for the heels. As far as I know, I am the only person that does them with mesquite thorns. They are fatter than toothpicks at the large end. Maybe the tip of a bamboo skewer? As for the photos, I just tried enlarging them on mine and they got about twice the size of the ones on the blog. Maybe there is something wrong on your end?

Wanda said...

I'd love to see a tutorial on those high heeled shoes also....and I am open to begging. Great work, and terrific storyline with Tessie!

Sans! said...

I don't think I have ever seen a more realistic pair of high heeled shoes, Casey! Beautiful work!

I didn't think Tessie would wear them as well though. I thought at first she might want them to throw at Zar but it seems appearances matter to her as well :).

miniacollection said...

I love your shoes.