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Monday, April 12, 2010


Good Morning! The party is a day late. I usually try to do this on Sunday. I didn't make it yesterday. Better late than never!

We have some newcomers to invite in.

There is Marie at Doll House:2point0 Hers is a gorgeous site with a lot of French minis to look at.

Next is Monica or Nonica Quaggio Augusto-Miniature Modeling
She works with modern/mid century minis. Beautiful.

Next is Janice of On Being a Mini Mum.... There is a very cute giant cat sleeping in her florest's shop at present. Go see.

Then we have a couple of people that are mystery guests. There is Daantje_nl, fantasyli li, and aurus35.

After that, there is Debbie Lee of The Little Saints Nursery Lots of cute mini babies to see.

Next is Sketching Girl of Sketching in the Woods She is an aspiring artist, writer and miniaturist, to quot her bio. Very intersting.

Beatrice of Les Miniatures de Beatrice is another French blog with lots of beautiful dolls to see.

Last but not least is Alafosca of Altafulla Miniatures She is a brand new blogger that makes mini dolls. Good luck with the new blog!

Now have a cupcake and a cuppa and lets party! Welcome!!!

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Alafosca said...

Thank you for the warm welcome!