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Monday, April 12, 2010

Playing Hooky.....

Please don't get too upset with Tessie and me. Today was the most beautiful day and we just couldn't stay inside and hunt for beanbags....I had plants to pot and trees to trim and general sprucing up to do outside. So did Tessie. I am having trouble getting her to stay inside long enough to get the blog done.

Tell me. Could you resist the first rose of the year? I couldn't and neither could Tessie.

We were both all over the back yard exploring to see what was happening. Never mind the black ants that crawled on my foot. Alas, they are no longer with us. That will teach them not to bite.

Next, Tessie climbed the pomegranate tree to see how it was coming along.

We are happy to report that there will be a bumper crop, come July or August. Last year we had a lot of fruit that was the size of a large grapefruit. It was hard to keep the branches off of the ground with the weight.

This one is Tessie's favorite plant on the patio. It is called a Medusa Plant. It's a kind of Euforbia and in a month or two all of the branches will be a bright lime green....Yup....Tessie's favorite color right now. The chartreuse that you see next to her is made up of tiny flowers. They will last until the green comes.

Her reason for liking this one? "It looks evil and if you poke it, it "bleeds" milky white liquid that is very irritating." What's not to love?

While Tessie was wandering around I got down to business and planted a few things that I found at Target yesterday.

I found this two tier basket at that huge yard sale last week. I paid two dollars for it and decided that it would make a nice planter for the patio. I bought a couple of clear plastic pot liners that fit and planted marigolds in it. Hopefully, it will fill out in a little while. Meanwhile, it is a great place for Tessie to hide when she is outside. She says it matches her apron and makes her invisible.....Sure it does.

Last but not least, My favorite patio plants. I filled another garage sale basket with geraniums.

I lined the basket with the plastic bag that Target put them in to come home. That will make it last at least the season without falling apart. Maybe more.

I still have zucchini and pole beans to plant and LOTS of patio pots to refurbish. If I want to get back to mini-ing, I had better get at it! "Tessie, please! Don't eat the daisies!"

See you tomorrow.


miniacollection said...

I love the photos of Tessie with the real plants.

Deni said...

Thats so neat!
Love your spring flowers
I too would be out there on a day like you had... mmm everyday is like that here, no wonder I never get any minis done!!!!lol

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Such pretty flowers in your garden. I can see how Tessie wanted to get out and enjoy them! I've got some azaleas blooming--everything else is coming up but not blooming yet.


April said...

I can't wait for the pomegranates! Pleas try to keep the trolls away from them this year!

Caseymini said...

Right....No Pomegranate Trolls allowed!....I will get right on posting signs around the tree. We could take shifts guarding it if you like.It's your turn, April.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed being out in the garden with you and Tessie. It is nice to see plants growing that I have never seen before. We love pomegranates but have never seen a plant. Our gardens here are just starting to sprout. This time last year we still had snow on the ground.