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Sunday, April 25, 2010

They Finally Arrived.....

Casey finally found me in the lobby of the Mirage with my nose pressed against the giant aquarium. It is huge and amazing. I will try to get photos tomorrow morning when there aren't so many people around. We are talking about an aquarium that is about 50 feet long and 15 or 20 feet high! Lots and lots of fish....It made me hungry....I don't think that they serve any of these in the restaurants around here though....I can't imagine chomping on a Sapphire blue fish. It would just be mean.
This is where we are going tonight. Yup. "LOVE" the Beatles,Cirque du Soleil show. Nobody told me that there would be roller blading on ramps. I would have brought my skates! It looks like fun.

The big people have seen it before. This will be my first time. They have been holding out on me.

Before they arrived, I had a look around and found that the hotel has it's own tattoo shop /bar.... Do you think that they think that if you drink enough, you will be an easy target for the needle? This guy is Mario Barth, the tattooist. Is that a word?

I am very jealous of all of the lovely colors on this chick's arm, but I'm not going to have even a bug beer whilst here. Who knows what I would end up with? Probably spiders and snakes to match my new apron.....

I talked the front desk into a high room so that I could see what was going on, on the strip. We are on the 21st floor, directly above the volcano out front....This could get scary. The windows don't
open wide enough for big people to get out, but I am going to have to be careful. They do open wide enough for me.....I am going to make sure that they are locked at all times!

I will try to get photos of the volcano in action tonight after dark.

I will NOT get a tattoo....I will NOT get a tattoo. I will NOT get a tattoo!!!

I have to say that the keys on the laptop are much easier to jump up and down on than on the desktop one at home. I am going to have to see if Casey will leave it open at home so that I can use it once in a while. Probably not......

Gotta go. Big people coming back now. See you tomorrow.


Deni said...

Now be a good little witch now Tessie let the big kids hava really nice holiday!
You seem to be having so much fun!!!!

Jill said...

That giant aquarium is awesome-- I saw it a few years back!
About the tattoo, Tessie... you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas-- but a tattoo is forever! It would be a great way to remember your trip to Vegas though...

Caseymini said...

Jill! You aren't helping! I just got Tessie talked down from getting a scull and crossbones. Now she says that Jill said it would be a great souvenier....LOL

Debbie said...

Tessie enjoy your trip, but stay away from the window. Can't have our favourite Witch having an accident.
Has for a Tattoo Tessie, your better off having a Henna one as they wear off, a real one is forever..Tell the big people to have a wonderful

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Hi Casey, I hope you are doing fine.
On my blog there is an award for you, please, feel free to go and get it
Take care

Caseymini said...

Thanks Eva. I will wait until I get home to pass the award on to others. I have to have time to think of some good lies....LOL