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Monday, April 26, 2010


OK, no falling out the window and no tattoos.....No fun at all.... well, to be fair, Love was fun! They won't let you take photos, so I had to find one on the net. This is the finale. It is hard to describe the show. It is theatre in the round and there are so many things going on at once. There are trapeze artists, roller blades, dancers, tumblers, and others. There is never a dull moment!

At the end, they throw streamers and lots of flower petals, as you can see. I managed to get Walter to grab me one of the streamers. They are red tissue paper. When I get home, we are going to make LOTS of mini roses.

See my treasure?

After the show, Walter went out to play and Casey and I stayed in the room with sore feet.

I made Casey stand by the window for hours waiting for a good photo op of the volcano....This is the best that she could do from 21 stories above.

The thing went off about every fifteen minutes or so. The clock in the room was wrong, so we missed it a couple of times.

The thing is humongous! All of those pin dots of light that you see around it are car headlights. People drive up and down Las Vegas Blvd. just to see this and the other things in front of the hotels. There is a spectacular water fountain kind of display in front of one. There is a fully loaded pirate ship shooting off cannons in front of Treasure Island. By New York New York, there is a huge roller coaster that is way up in the air that goes around the hotel. On and on they go. Every major hotel has something to attract.

Personally, I was just happy to stay inside and not fall out of the window. I guess I won't be coming home with a tattoo. The Tattoo King was a chicken. He claimed that he didn't have a needle that was small enough.....I think that was just an excuse and I think that Casey put him up to it! I know, for a fact, that Casey tattooed a spider on the back of my sister's hand a few years back. She's the one that has a black leather jacket and rides the Harley. Unfair! So Unfair.

See you tomorrow. There's no place like home......


rosanna said...

Matteo and Dad couldn't see the volcano when they were in Las Vegas, it was under repair !! they lodged at a hotel called Circus (I believe) with a roller coaster INSIDE the main hall! unbelievable! they had lots of fun but they both promised not to go back not know why... Have fun Rosanna

beyondbaffled said...

Tessie I'm so jealous!