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Monday, April 19, 2010

"I've Got One of Those!!!"

As usual, when I let Tessie have her head, she finds things that I didn't even know were missing.
Yesterday, she found a "Take a Seat" chair that I had pretty much forgotten about. I don't normally do modern, so it was stashed.

When I went back into the room to finish cleaning, she was hugging this chair. She said, "This has to be 60s! It is groovy!" She is beginning to speak the language now. I think I am in deep trouble.

This is what she found. It is a Ribbon Chair that was designed by Pierre Paulin in 1966.

I was curious about the history, so I went searching. Artifort in the Netherlands, that made it, is still making them over 50 years later. That's pretty remarkable. They are still selling the real chairs.

I was surprised at the number of chairs that I am familiar with, but didn't know where they came from, are still in production from Artifort. Artifort was named by combining Art and Comfort. I like it.

If you are at all interested in "modern" furniture, you should have a look. I am thinking that I may have to make a few more of their pieces for the house. If you go, you will probably have to have google translate it from the Dutch for you.....Unfortunately, it doesn't translate everything. Just go to the "collectie" section and wander down the sub categories. Fauteuils is the chair section.

I had never seen the ribbon chair in a print fabric. That gives me ideas....

Another site that I stumbled onto the other day is a Flickr group. This one is huge. It's called the 1960's Interior Design and Residential Architecture
Group. There are some great ideas here for anybody interested in the period. The collection is so large that I still haven't gotten through the whole thing.

I don't have time to sit and look today. Laundry to do and house to clean. Too bad that Tessie refuses to zap any of that out of the way. She is searching for more 60s. Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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Katie said...

Good luck with the 60's theme! I wonder what Tessie will find next, either way I am sure it will involve a long job for you! Perhaps you could bribe her that you will make a 60's item if she helps you do the laundry? :P