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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Attention to Detail?

I finished the last tomato plant this morning. As I was photographing Tessie, along with the planter, I noticed something green crawling on one of the beefsteak tomatoes. I reached out to pluck it off and Tessie literally screamed at me, "No! Don't touch him!!!"

I drew back my hand to keep from getting it slapped. It's amazing how fast tomato worms find juicy plants.

Then Tessie informed me, "He is one of the essential ingredients in making good tomato wine! He helps the tomatoes ferment."

This is the little guy that she was talking about.

She then said, "He won't eat much...."

Remind me not to drink any of her tomato wine. Somehow it just doesn't sound appealing anymore.

Anyway, I went out on the back patio and sifted some African Violet potting soil that was left from the last time that I attempted to grow, and killed, African Violets. I glued that to the top of the raised garden bed and put it in place on the roof.

None of the beds are glued down yet. Tessie will be zapping things here and there for a while to decide on the best placement.

This is how it looks so far. Tessie and Zar stole the wicker from the front porch scene and are kicking back and relaxing. We are all taking a break for today.

Hope you have a Happy Easter.

It's back to reality tomorrow.

See you then.


Irene said...

Happy Easter to you too. It certainly hasn't taken you long to get this far - the tomatoes are great!

Debbie said...

A Happy Easter To you and Yours Casey. Love the Tomato plants.. xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I love these tomato plants including the worm or caterpillar and the few dropped leaves on the ground!

Have a great Easter!
Michelle xxx

Kim said...

That is a pretty awesome rooftop garden so far-the tomato plants are fantastic! Happy Easter Casey!!