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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!!!!

Does anybody here remember that award winning(No?) movie? I think that the award was for the worst movie ever made....It was second runner up to one of Ed Wood's movies.

This morning it kept running through my head while I was doing the promised tomato plants.

Tessie insisted that she needed three types of tomatoes for her potions. So guess who had to come up with them? Yup....I'm the tomato maker hereabouts. I whipped out the Fimo, some wire and more of the Nandina branches. Too bad that Nandina seeds don't look like tomatoes.

Tessie watched and directed. She told me, "I need nice red beefsteak tomatoes, little yellow pear tomatoes and something in between the two. You can pick that one out."

Above you can see the crop. I did them all at one time so that I wouldn't have to bake three batches. Also the leaf punch that I used is in the lower left corner of the photo. I don't even remember where I found that one.

I sculpted the tomatoes and put a hole in the top with the wire that I was going to attach them to the tree with and then baked them.

While they were baking, I started the leaves.

I punched leaves until I had sore thumbs and the leather cupping sheet was covered.....That was enough for about half of the three bushes.

The two ball stylus tools that are pictured are the ones that I used for cupping. The larger one was used first to do the cupping part. Then I overturned each individual leaf with a pair of tweezers and ran a line down the center of each leaf with the minute stylus that is in front.

Now for the fun part.....I started about 7:30 this morning....Two out of three's not bad...... I finished two of them, working non stop by a bit after noon. I am going on strike now.

Tessie is not happy....She says that the orange tomato that I didn't do is the one that she needs most....Excuse me? Wasn't that the one that she said didn't make a difference?

I think that she just wants to see the planter finished. I still need to put a layer of darker dirt on this one so that the tomatoes will get more nourishment. For that, I will go out and sift some potting soil and glue it on. Hey! That's where they grow best. I also need to stake them so that they don't fall over.

I am quitting for the day. Tessie is just going to have to wait for the third one until tomorrow.

See you then.


Dlsarmywife said...

Casey, 1st off YES I do remember the horrible movie! And it totally deserved the Worst Movie award...even for late 80's movies, it was bad! LOL

Thanks so much for sharing pics of your tools for making tomatoes! I have that punch!!!! YEAH! =D Eventually I plan on doing a small garden outside Mom's shop and there are few things better in the summer than fresh tomatoes! =D

Christel Jensen said...

I love the look of the tomatoes:)

Kathi said...

Love your tomato plants! Did you use Fimo that was already the right color? I've never tried it. Polymer clay and I are NOT the best of friends...
I should be packing but I had to come over and see what you were doing. Can't wait to get back to my minis!

Roberta said...

Happy Easter to you, dear Casey, and to the funny Tessie!!!
Big hug

Carey said...

Wow This is as much work as planting real tomatoes, maybe even more. They look great though. I think I will try to make a little vegetable garden for my new doll house. Thanks for the inspiration and directions. Have a wonderful holiday.

Debie Lyons said...

These are brilliant Casey. I love your minis, such attention to detail. What is Tessie going to do with all those tomatoes?
Debie xxx

minwks said...

Dear Casey, I'm growing quite fond of Tessie, although I do notice she can be demanding occasionally.
Tku for sharing your techniques. Shame that you are running out of the slate card/paper. I am still working away at my 1200 tiles required for my roof.
Regards Janine

Cynthia's Minilife said...

Casey & Tessie - your plants are beautiful! I'm paying close attention as I'll need to be landscaping the Beacon Hill in the not-to-distant future.

dale said...

Wasn't that movie the blob pretty bad too? I can hear the "attack of the killer tomatoes" running through my head now. ;)

I think growing tomatoes seems easier! Was it as tedious as it seems?

Have a wonderful Easter! :)

Deni said...

Oh they are serious tomatoes, they look so real!mmm!

Caseymini said...

Deborah, I use that punch quite often. It's the one that I used yesterday for the tree. I love the little piece of stem that You can bend back and use as a tab to glue.

Dale, I wish you hadn't mentioned the Killer Tomato theme....Now I have it in my head too. Actually, I have been humming it all day.LOL I only know how the first line sounds and it is replaying in my head, over and over! And yes, it was very tedious!I will finish the last of the three tomorrow and then I will be cured of tomato making for another couple of years...

Kathi, the tomatoes are a mixture of different colors. I added a pinch of this and that until I thought it looked about right. If you look closely, the green tomatoes are a couple of different shades, lighter and darker.

Sans said...

These are the finest tomato plants I have seen. Many people grow mini tomatoes here.

dale said...

attack of the killer tomatoes.... ;)

Are there actually any more lines to that song? LOL!

ps. it's almost Easter! (giggles)

Puppenstubennostalgie said...

Das wird ja eine ganze Gärtnerei...

ausserdem wünsche ich Frohe Ostern tessie.

Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

Deni said...

Well I just had to go find this Killer tomatoe song I have never heard of it
so is this it?
Sorry Casey!!!
You'll be singing a few more lines now I guess.....oh dear!!!!

Caseymini said...

Deni! Cut that out!!!That's the song in all it's glory. Now I will be singing it for another 24 hours. Rats!!!

dale said...

LOL! Attack of the killer tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm bad, I admit it. ;)

Deni said...

Oh No!!!
And now Im singing it too.....
So Im going to have to make those tomatoes now...botheration...!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!

Caseymini said...

All together now! Attack of the Killer tomatoes!!!!!!!