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Monday, March 1, 2010

There Will Be a Slight Pause........

OK. This morning I got all of the rooms in the Clockwork Cottage cleared for action.....Then I had to go to town to see if I could find out what makes "Windows 7" tick.

Walter installed it last night on the regular computer.....I am writing this on the laptop and struggling with the keyboard as well as getting the photos loaded.

I am so used to the other one the way it was, glitches and all, that this is really slow for me.

I did find a book that should get me going. Until then, please stick with me. This keyboard sucks!

When I got home, This is what I found. The house was clear....The dogs were fighting over who got to wear Zar's goggles and who was stuck with the apron.

Zar was still barricading the door and, lo and behold, Tessie was right behind him helping! Somehow, I don't think that he was very successful in keeping her at bay.....

I wonder how long it is going to take him to realize that she's the one helping keep herself from invading?

I finally snagged Tessie's attention and asked her about her other project. "Where are your three lady friends?" I asked......

"Oh! I took care of them whilst you were away."

"Tessie! What did you do?"

She motioned for me to follow. "Open the Chinese cabinet." She demanded.

This is what I saw. Yup. That's one of the blonde's feet sticking out from under the lid of the box.

"Tessie! How could you?" I wailed.

"It was easy. I told you before. If they aren't fully clothed and wigged, they are oblivious. I took back all of the clothes that I lent them. You aren't going to have time to dress them before my new Spiderwort Townhouse gets here anyway."

I very gently pushed the foot back into the box. There were no complaints from the interior, so I guess she was right. Completely oblivious......Hmmmmmm......I wonder......

"Casey! Stop looking at me like that. NO! You can't have my clothes and keep away from my hair!" She yelled. Then she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

That should keep her out of my way for a while. I am going back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Josje said...

That second photo with the dog wearing the goggles and Tessie behind Zar (what is she doing??)is making me laugh.
Good luck with the computer!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I agree with Josje! That one is priceless! Poor Zar. I bet he worries constantly over what she'll be up to next!


瘋狂的 said...


Deni said...

Thats so funny!!!!
Those doggies! lol
I don't know why Zar doesn't realise about Tessie lol
Oh well she is quiet for the moment!