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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not There Yet.....

This is going to be fast. I still have 6 1/2 more rows of shingles to do. Again this morning, I stained until I was blue in the face from breathing that stuff. Then I stood on a step stool for a long time gluing shingles onto the house.

That's the disadvantage of a town house. It's tall when it is on a worktable. I am getting lots of bending and stretching exercise with this.

Tessie is back. She is sorting and handing me the correct shingles one at a time. Or I should say that she WAS doing that.

The smell got to her before it got to me this time.

She announced that she would not be available for the rest of the day because she had an important appointment to keep. She wouldn't tell me what it was.

I found out what it was all by myself. I went to put a couple of things away in the workroom and found Tessie in there watching the big screen. That's what she calls the baby TV in the workroom. I guess it's big to her.

When I caught up with her she announced, "You smell almost as bad as the family room does. Stain stinks!" It seems that the workroom was the farthest room from the smell. Kind of ironic, it didn't smell at all in there.

She is smarter than I am. I think that I am going to go clean up, eat some of the enchiladas that I made for lunch and then join her in the nicest smelling place in the house.

Later, I will finish the rest of the last roof panel. If you need me, I will be hiding out with Tessie, where we can breath.

See you tomorrow.


Norma said...

The roof is looking fabulous Casey. I haven't been able to keep up with Tessie's antics recently but since you are so kind and 'journal' them regularly I hope to be able to sit down soon and catch up 'en masse' :)

dale said...

Oh, Casey, can't you do some of this outside, or mask? You've got me worried about you smelling this stuff. :(

It looks wonderful, such nice even work.

You brought back memories for me, my son helped me shingle my childhood dollhouse when he was four.

I told him, he'd have stories to tell his grandchildren, "Why, I shingled a house when I was four!"


I'm busy analysing every trim I come in contact with. lol ;)

MiniKat said...

Looking good! I wonder if lemon juice would help get the smell of stain off skin... Something to try once it's warm enough to start staining projects.

Caseymini said...

Dale, this is why I do it in stages. The smell. I have been using this stuff for 25 years and the worst was when I was doing restoration work. I spent a lot of hours with my head stuck inside houses with paint stripper or stain all around. I do it with windows open and try to stay back some. It hasn't killed me yet and I am not quite brain dead, so I just keep plugging along.LOL

miniacollection said...

Even if it was hard to breathe the smell of the stain it was worth it, the roof looks great.
Tessie seems to enjoy herself in front of the tv...

Kim said...

Wow- the smell is worth it because the roof looks fantastic!