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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fit and Trim......

Now that the stupid shingles are done, we can do some of the fun stuff.

What a relief to be able to breath deeply again!

As for the fun stuff, I started the molding around the roof edges. The kit comes with plain planks as edging. I had to jazz that up a bit. In place of the kit trim, I used some large crown molding.

I just like the detail that it gives. So does Tessie. See the smile on her face?

I ran some door trim on either side of the open tower.

I painted the interior walls Ceramcoat Sandstone. We wanted to keep it neutral so that plants and pots will show better. I still need to put some trim around the top and bottom interior.

Tessie is anxious to start potting. I won't let her until she gets her own table.

She took one look at the opening and declared that it was way too plain. "It needs something." she said.

I dug through the wood scrap drawer and found some scalloped trim and some one sixteenth, double bead molding.

I ran two rows of the double bead across the top and painted it Light Ivory to match the trim. I glued it in place.

Tessie tells me that it still needs something. She suggested either curtains at the side or a striped valence across the top, behind the scallops.

I am going to go do the Monday housework and laundry now.....While I am doing that, I am going to be figuring out the rest of the roof garden in my mind. See? Housework can be fun!

See you tomorrow.


Tabitha Corsica said...

Lovely detiling ont he tower/potting room. What are Tessie's plans for the floor of the potting area and garden? I have the Bostonian which also has a portion of the room flat and often thought a roof garden would be lovely. What a good idea!


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Wow! This looks fabulous! I love the scalloped trim and the crown molding. Wonderful.


Irene said...

You've made great progress with this. I love the step by step photos. That trim is nice, it sets it off.

MiniKat said...

Love it!

miniacollection said...

Great ! It's just perfect.

Debbie said...

The Roof looks great Casey, glad to hear your recovering from the fume inhalation. Looking forward to the next instalment..xx