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Friday, March 19, 2010


This morning April abducted me, as all good daughters should, once in a while. She forced me to go estate sale-ing and thrift shopping in Green Valley. That's a retirement community south of Tucson. I think I have mentioned going to the "White Elephant" thrift shop before. It has been a least a year since the last time that we went.

On the way back, we stopped at the out of the way quilt shop. Tessie benefited at both locations.....

I am now 15 brand new, one inch, foam brushes, richer. Coincidentally, I was getting out the stain for the shingles when April arrived. I had no brushes for staining.....It was fate. The price was $2.00 for all of them. No more excuses.

Next she found two hand painted #18 needlepoint canvases. She is under the impression that I am going to let her have them for hangings in her townhouse. That's more of the stuff that comes under the category of "Hide it and she will forget it." They are quite nicely painted and I think will work well as scissors cases. Don't tell her that.

The three books behind her in this photo is giving her grandiose ideas. They are quite nice all color books on Leeds Castle, Buckingham Palace and Builtmore Estate....She keeps saying, "We could add a wing or two on the townhouse, couldn't we?"

I am afraid to say no(but I will) because of the very long library scissors that I found for my scissors collection. These were used to cut apart pages in books when they came through with some uncut. Tessie is 5" tall.....The scissors are three inches longer than she is....As I said, I am not arguing with her when she is holding them.

She is standing on a Larousse Cooking School cook book that is about a thousand pages thick. There are lots and lots of colored photos of the recipes. Luckily she is having difficulties turning pages in that thing or I would be making Fimo food right now, instead of playing on the computer. The fabric on top is four fat quarters that I found for her at the quilt shop.

I did manage to scarf up a few things for myself along the way, but mainly she claimed everything in sight. So what else is new?.....

Since there is no longer a "no brush" excuse for the shingles, I guess I will go do some staining now.

Sorry that there's nothing new to report on the house. April had to go be a librarian tomorrow, so I will be safe. It's all her fault I didn't get anything accomplished on the townhouse today. Bad April. Thanks April. It was fun!

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day with April. You came home with some great stuff Casey. xx

dale said...

It does sound like a lovely day. One of my sister's is named the same as your daughter. :)

I'm with Tessie on the needlepoints, they would look lovely finished and framed in a heavily gilded frame.

(okay, okay, don't tell her I said so, I'm just sayin....)


Caseymini said...

Dale, the needlepoint is on #18 canvas and it just seems out of scale to me. I am thinking of doing them for the scissors cases that I mentioned and then doing them again on smaller scale fabric for Tessie. It shouldn't take too long. We shall see....Back to staining shingles.

Deni said...

Oh they are wonderful finds!
Those needlepoints are really lovely