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Sunday, March 14, 2010

"I Want A Walk-In Closet!"

The shell is officially done. After yesterday's entry, I attached the base. I am still questioning that particular step being last.

I haven't decided on color yet, so I am planning the partitions on the inside this morning.

The usual method to my madness when doing this is lots of foam core, a few pins and some glue.

Tessie announced that she wanted an open floor plan. "I don't like all of those walls between the kitchen and the living room. I want to breath!" Very dramatic, but I understand. She has been watching a lot of HGTV lately. And, "I want a BIG bedroom." was her next thought.

OK. From the ground up. I used some of the actual partitions where I could and added mock ups with foam core where I needed additional and different shapes.

First, we decided on an "L" shaped counter between the kitchen and living room area. The foam core builds don't have to be fancy, but it is good to have them accurately measured. That way, when you go to do the real ones you have something to go by.

This is an approximation of the kitchen layout. I used one of the actual walls between that and the front hall. It is wider than the original. I narrowed down the hallway some. It was way wider than necessary.

I have a board stuck up against that wall to indicate shelves. There is the foam core counter in place and there will probably be enough space in the bay for a small table and a couple of chairs.

I will probably put some cabinets or shelves above the counter on the right side.

If you do this kind of thing, the best place to find measurements is in your own kitchen. That's what I did.

Now. About that walk in closet in the title. I think that a visible staircase on the first floor, from the back side of the house, is enough. Staircases are a bit boring and all look pretty much alike. Soooo....When Tessie suggested a walk in closet, I knew just where to put one.

The second to third floor staircase will still be visible from the front of the house, but it will no longer be in view from the back.

Tessie is now standing in what will be the walk in closet. There will be a door in the wall that leads to the bedroom. I was too lazy to cut it in the foam core. The continuing wall back from that is one of the original ones.

I also moved the wall over an extra inch or so to give the bedroom more space.

The closet will be large enough for her aprons, hats and other paraphernalia. As an added bonus, I won't have to figure out how to make the hallway interesting.

That's as far as we have gone today. Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


MiniKat said...

Looking good, Casey! I'm hoping to get my workroom in usable order this week. I'm itching to play and show off some treasures... And of course, you're really not helping having to wait. ;-) (VBG)

[lol my word for verification is: "intern"... I guess I'm an interning miniaturist then? ;-) ]

Tabitha Corsica said...

I like the elimination of a stairway. After much fussing and rebuilding of the boring staircase in my RGT dollhouse, I realized that just getting rid of it was the best idea. It really wasn't very interesting, took up a great deal of room in the entry hall and didn't quite line up with the "redesigned" second floor. Unless it is some grand staircase like the one on the Titanic, I don't see the point. I mena, the dolls never actually use them.....

Spiderwort is coming along nicely!


dale said...

This is a cool looking townhouse, I love the bay and the mansard roof.

Can I ask where you got it from?

Caseymini said...

Dale, you must have missed a couple of entries. This is a Real Good Toys, Victorian Townhouse. I got it at when they had a 50% discount on one dollhouse a few weeks ago. Tabitha, I didn't eliminate the staircase. It is just covered from the back of the house. It is still there if you look in the front window.

dale said...

I'm not surprised, I must have missed it mentioned before, I was reading one post and you posted a new one! lol

Kathi said...

Love the great room idea. You've got me wanting to cut more holes in MY house! I wish I had a walk in closet in my real house.
I'm with Tessie on that one.

Deni said...

So much to do when you have to reconstruct I have never done that so Im very interested to see what you end up doing!
Im coming along on your building Journey!
Looking great already I really like the way you have made mock ups first that is a good idea!
Yep you have all the good ideas Casey!

Deni said...

Oh BTW I do not use the staircases anymore! they get in the way take up too much room and I have never seen the people who live there use them! thats my excuse and Im staying with that lol
they are terrible to put together anyway!