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Monday, March 15, 2010

How Not to Design a Rug.....

Tessie is not happy with me today. I have been doing real live housework and not building her townhouse.

I didn't want to get started on the townhouse and only get a little done. I need larger blocks of time to get anything done on it. Instead, I am working on a rug when I take a break from the real world, a few stitches at a time.

From the title, maybe you can tell that I am not doing the usual careful design on the cross stitch computer program. This is one of those "Out on a whim" rugs.

The two books that you see in front of Tessie are Dover books that are well loved and falling apart. The designs in them are taken from very old peasant cross stitch embroidery and there are rows and rows of borders and spot designs on every page. They are in either black and white or black, red and white.

I love doing rugs that are made up as I go along and these books give me some jumping off points.

When Tessie saw what I was up to, she allowed that it wasn't so bad, if she got the finished rug.

I took a piece of #24 congress cloth and drew out the size that I wanted the finished rug to be and just went from there.

Yes, I am using a pencil. Bad idea if you are using a lot of pastels. Since this rug is mostly dark colors, it's OK.

For some reason, square rugs appeal to me. I always start with the border, no matter what shape. Not everyone would agree with this plan. I feel that it is up to the individual rug maker.

The outer edge of the rug is actually taken from a photo of a Chinese rug in one of my books on real Oriental rugs.

The center motif is from one of the books at the top of the entry. It was black and white and much more simple than the finished design. That's what I mean about jumping off. I added a lot of extra colors and stitches as I embroidered.

When the rug is square, you have to remember to add the same motif to all four quarters of the rug to balance it properly.

When I finished the center motif, I decided that it needed something extra between that and the border.

I whipped out my fine line mechanical pencil and used the outer edge of the center as start for an inner border.

It's not too busy, but it keeps the design from looking bare in the interior. I now have enough guidelines that I can finish the rest.

Since Tessie is allowing me to take a few breaks and do this, it shouldn't take too long.

I will be back to the house tomorrow when the laundry is done, the bathrooms and kitchen are cleaned and the vacuuming is finished.

Tessie is standing over me with a whip and a chair to get the real housework done. I had better get back at it before she catches me at the computer.

See you tomorrow.


miniannalee said...

I love the celtic knotwork. I should really make some rugs from the designs I've drawn over the years. I just don't have the patience to finish a big cross stitch project. I can't wait to see the finished product of your rug.

rosanna said...

I have nevr done a square rug but I like yours. May I borrow your inner border? it's very effective and I love the loop motif. Beware of Tessie:o) Have a nice day Rosanna

Caseymini said...

Miniannalee, the design isn't Celtic! That particular design is from Germany in the year 1604! Amazing how designs get around, isn't it?LOL

Rosanna, go for it! I am sure that the person that originated it in 1604 won't object!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

How neat! Now this is cross stitch, not petite point? And what size/gauge?! Thanks for another great project.


Caseymini said...

Jody, I am doing this particular rug on #24 congress cloth(soft needlepoint canvas). I am using two strands of silk floss and it is petite point done with a background of basketweave in the black areas. No cross stitch on this one.

Deni said...

Thats beautiful Casey
Those books look very interesting!!!

miniacollection said...

It's beautiful, the good thing with embroidery is that you can work when you wish. You can even take it with you and work on it wherever you want.

Kathi said...

Going to be very pretty.... Love that you are making your own designs!
I'm taking some cross stitch with me on my trip. Can't imagine a week without minis! Might take some plant making stuff too?

miniannalee said...

What is the difference in petite point and cross stitch? I know how to cross stitch.

Caseymini said...

Miniannalee, the cross stitch is just that. The petite point looks like a half cross stitch, but is really done a bit differently. It is done with two thicknesses of the same floss. There are several ways of doing it. Here's one page that will get you started.

I mainly use tent stitch or continental with basketweave for the background. Any of the patterns that I show are workable in either cross stitch or petite point.