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Friday, February 19, 2010


Tessie is ticked! This morning she got after me for not finishing the tea shop. About all that needs to be done is tables, more food and little finishing touches here and there.

To appease her, I decided to make quick work of the tables. I ad libbed.

I got into my drawers of turnings and other wood parts. The only thing I had to cut was the table tops. They were simply 3" circles cut from 3/32" bass wood.

In the photo you can see what I choose to use. There are two different types of turnings that I found at Michael's and two types of Woodsies, round and octagon. I tried them until I liked the combination and they were 2 1/2" tall. Thats pretty much standard table height.

I sanded the pieces, stacked them together with fast grab glue, let them dry and then painted them white.

Incidentally, they aren't lopsided. The cutting mat that they are standing on is bowed in the middle.

After the paint dried, I decided I didn't want to mess with making tablecloths. I simply traced around the top of each table on the back of fabric that matches the curtains. Then I cut that out and glued it to the table tops.

The last step was to glue white lace to the edge. This is about as simple as a table can be. I didn't tell Tessie that. I made her thing that I worked my fingers to the bone. That way she will leave me alone for the rest of the afternoon.

She and Monster Bunny are enjoying hot chocolate at one of the new tables. She started to pick up the cup and Monster Bunny growled at her. I didn't know that bunnies could growl until now. I think that she needs to make a second cup for herself if she doesn't want fang marks in the back of her hand.

I just noticed in the photo that the door to the shop could use another coat of paint. It seems like that sort of thing isn't noticeable until you look at it through the camera's eye.

I had better go attend to that now. I believe that the grand opening is planned for Saturday. You are invited! Tea and cupcakes for all......No appointment necessary for the opening. I am informed that it is a one day only offer. After that it will be back to "Cupcakes By Appointment Only!" Tessie is the only proprietor that could get away with that arrangement.

See you tomorrow for the opening.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

I swear you are reading my mind. I've been looking and looking at both Hobby Lobby and Michael's for a perfectly round piece of wood and things to make a base for a pretty table. I haven't seen these parts at my local stores but will certainly zoom back as soon as I can to see if I can find them. I have tried to cut circles with my new Microlux saw and it is doing what it is supposed to do--it's me that makes them lopsided.


Caseymini said...

Jody, just take it slow and steady. Practice, practice, practice.....You will be cutting circles in no time. I traced around a little plastic storage cup to get the circle for those.

HannahFKW said...

Wow they look so great for such a simple make! I had always thought I would have no chance at making a table, so always bought mine!
But great tutorial!
Can't wait to see more of what your doing/planning on doing!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I will keep practicing. I am determined to use my saw and to learn to upholster furniture! I will do it--there will just be a swath of cast-off's and rejects along the path! And then, did you know that I also have a kiln? Yes, a kiln! And another goal is to learn to make my own molds. I love Valerie Casson's beautiful ceramic pieces and I know she made her own molds. I think, hey, maybe I can do that myself, too!

I have quite an assortment of wood pieces and parts as well and I'm going to look through them when I get home from work! Thank you for yet another helpful tutorial!


Kabrina Dawn said...

I love the look of your tables! Tessie will never tell that they weren't a lot of work, they look wonderful.

Josje said...

The tables look great, very clever use of odd wooden pieces! I like those chairs too. Did you make them or buy them? (I'm really hoping they are some sort of kit ;-) )

TreeFeathers said...

Very cool table, Casey! I'm always looking at those turnings and woodsies and trying to think of what to make with them... love the table idea!

- Grace

Caseymini said...

Josje, the chairs are Chrysnbon kits. Each chair comes in a seperate package and they are about 5.00 here. They are cast plastic, but very fine detailing. Easy to put together. They come with a packet of stain/paint to do them in brown if you wish. Most of the time I paint them.

Josje said...

Thanks Casey! That sounds like a really good deal, I think they look very nice. I'll hunt for some of these kits.

Karin Corbin said...

Circle cutting is easy to do on a scroll saw or band saw with rotating on a center pin point.

You can make a variety of jigs done on this theme for scroll saws, band saws, table saws and dis sanders.

Here is one concept for it but there are many ways to make circle cutting jigs.

Kathi said...

I plan to be the first in line for the opening of Tessie's Teas! I want a chocolate cupcake with pink icing.
Love your tables and the tablecloth idea is great!

Deni said...

They are great tables!
Always looking for tables!
really like the lace around the edge!
Chrysnbon kits are the BEST!!!!
Thanks for the table ideas Casey!

Deni said...

Oh I forgot......story of my life lol....
Jody....what about the round coasters you can buy unfinished they would work for the top of the tables very well!!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Hi Casey, Love your blogs and all your tutorials. I went to a local craft store that use to have minis and almost cried when the section went from 2 aisles to a little over half an isle. They've gotten rid of all the dollhouses, balsa, and magazines. The mini books they stocked have been marked as to not be reordered.

I will have to check Michael's but they really didn't have mini stuff to begin with. Even the local bookstore didn't have any magazines.

I will probably have to start ordering supplies online. There use to be Miniature Builders Supply, I think. Do you recommend a supplier? I will look at other things for roombox ideas. Thanks for you info. I just can't stay away.

Jill said...

I'll be right behind Kathi for the grand opening! I LOVE those tables-- you amaze me!

miniacollection said...

Great tables. I will be there for the opening.

Irene said...

I just love your tables - so clever. We don't have access to stuff like Woodsies over here, or if we do, I certainly haven't come across them yet. How great is that to have a stash of little wooden bits to draw on? I'm green!!

Caseymini said...

Wendy, you are probably thinking of Hobby Builders Supply. They are pretty much all minis. I do order from them. Great service. If you get on their e mail list, they sometimes have special sales for online buyers. To get to their on line catalog, go to This will take you right to the index of pages. Have fun!

jose said...

incredible the work

Bear cabin miniatures said...

I love reading your what Tessie has been upto now!! so I have you a little sunshine award on my blog :0)
Julia xx