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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It Needs Adjusting......

Yesterday, when I went to Wednesday Witches, Tessie went along. I needed something portable to take along to work on. She immediately told me that she would volunteer to ride along in her sewing box and "let" me make her another apron.

She has seen an apron in my fabric stash that I got from my grandma, via my mom. I think it is from the 30s or thereabouts. It is one piece and made of muslin. Whoever thought up this pattern had a twisted mind...Literally.

I am passing on the pattern that I made for it. This is only the first time I have made it. I think it could stand a few adjustments(according to Tessie). The shoulders are too wide and the neckline in front is a bit high.

I like the idea and will experiment with it some more until Tessie is happy with it. After all, she is the one that has to be comfortable in it.

As usual, I drew it on 1/4" graph paper, so if you want to mess with the pattern, enlarge it accordingly. The pocket is not necessary. I just cut out a general pocket shape and turned under the edges with glue.

The only sewing I did was the two darts under either arm. All of the edges were turned under with Fast Grab Glue and then the trim was also added with that.

Anyway, for a first draft, I don't think it looks too bad. I am going to try it again. I think that Tessie is going to earn the nick name "Apron Queen" if she keeps enlarging her wardrobe of them.

The cute thing about this pattern is the "twisted" part. the straps cross in back and fasten to the opposite shoulder.

The antique one that I have actually has seams at the shoulder and you slip the whole thing over your head arms stick your arms through the sides.

As I said, it's a work in progress. I thought that you would like to have the pattern to play with.

If you try it for your mini people, you may have to make some adjustments to fit whatever person you make it for.

Tessie enjoyed Witches and went around the table showing everybody her new apron. I hope that she doesn't figure out that is where I go every Wednesday. She may want to go along......I have to get away all by myself once in a while.

Today I have been back in the workroom, digging out, again. I keep telling you that I am making progress. Then I go back and look at it. I wonder where the progress is??? I think that the house gremlins (and Tessie) run in there as soon as I leave the premises and fling everything against the walls. Yup. That must be it. Workroom wrecking gremlins....

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Tessie looks very fetching in her new apron. May be now she's got it on she will help you in your work room..LOL xx

Christel Jensen said...

Lol workroom gremlins:) We have them all I guess;) The apron looks super cute. I love it:) A little bit retro looking.

Tabitha Corsica said...

I think I actually own an apron like this which my mother made from a pattern from my grandmother. But it does not crisscross. There is a skinny yoke in the back and seams at the shoulders and you just slip it on. I even think I have the pattern somewhere. I like is easy to wear.

But I do have a little clothespin doll who has an apron just exactly like Tessie's. I must go look for it now that you remind me of her.


Anna said...
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Anna said...

Oh, what a super cute Pippi Longstocking apron!
Thanks a lot for the pattern!

Deni said...

That is so cute
I had a pattern I made up for my my daughter when she was 1 year old, exactly like that, with those bloomer type pants they were so gorgeous I made quite a few
She was so cute
Tessie sure has a wardrobe full of pinnies now!!!!!

miniacollection said...

Tessie looks great with her new apron.